Lima International Seminar / May 07, 2020: The industry meets in Lima to analyze the advantages and challenges of the new leader

The Peruvian blueberry industry currently exports to 36 different destinations led by the US, in which a total of USD 466 million 597 thousand has been commercialized in the last season, followed by the Netherlands, with USD 183 million 176 thousand and China as third destination, who sold a total of USD 71 million 94 thousand.

According to the Association of Exporters of Peru (ADEX), at the end of the 2019/2020 season, blueberry shipments reached USD 824 million 813 thousand, which means an increase of 50% compared to shipments of the 2018/2019 season, which reached USD 546 million 287 thousand . The Peruvian industry guild organization also ensures that, with these figures, blueberries occupy the second place in the total exports of the Peruvian agribusiness sector.

These economic results, linked to the amount of tons produced and marketed in international markets, place the Peruvian industry as a world leader in blueberry exports, displacing Chile from the first place it has maintained for decades. 

This is the context in which the Peruvian blueberry industry awaits the arrival of the leading actors and participants of the XIX International Seminar of Blueberries, which have gathered for May 7 at the premises of the Convention Center of the Delfines Hotel in Lima, Peru.

It cannot be denied that this reality of success is cause for celebration and approval for the achievement achieved by the group of players in the cultivation of blueberries in Peru, but it is important that this new scenario in which the Peruvian industry is treading, which is tremendously superior in quantitative and qualitative terms, it also implies facing new and greater challenges, which must be addressed with new and better tangible and non-tangible resources, and greater technological and knowledge tools, which are up to these new requirements. Because it is very important to reach privileged positions, but more important is to maintain these leaderships. Otherwise there is a danger that complacency will transform this successful experience into a failed development, and in that case the repercussions are usually worse than never having grown up.


This is why a varied range of relevant topics will be addressed in the Lima meeting, in the perspective of collaborating with these new needs of the Peruvian and global industry, because many of the problems that Peruvian production faces and must face are also some that affect the whole industry in another dimension.

Among the exhibitions that will be developed by international experts in this year's program, we seek to deepen relevant content for the industry, beginning with an introduction regarding the global vision of the blueberry business in the world, and then continue with the technical talks . 

Among the urgent aspects to face, in Lima the leader of the blueberry genetic improvement program of the University of Florida, Patricio Muñoz, will be present, who will update the attendees regarding the advances and varietal opportunities for the Peruvian industry. The American expert Jeffrey G. Williamson will also be present, to analyze different types of pruning, conduction systems and use of rootstocks, because despite the fact that Peruvian production does not suffer from obsolescence in its crops, the growing demand for fruit quality forces to change varieties, with methods that ensure speed and that do not interrupt the flow of production if possible.

Gerard W. Krewer, from the University of Georgia, will present on the use of the growth regulator Dormex® in subtropical blueberry productions and also on organic nutrition in the production of "evergreen" blueberries, a topic that is increasingly urgent by demand. growing organic and healthy fruit in the main markets of the world. 

The researcher Samuel Román will continue the program addressing the relationship between nutrients and fruit quality, and the Spanish expert Félix Fernández will focus on the keys and benefits of the integral management of microorganisms in the cultivation of blueberries.

The contents of the program and the quality of the experts ensure a high level in the day, in which other important aspects regarding the cultivation will also emerge in the course of the rapporteurships or exhibitions, or in the spaces destined to the questions, or in the conversation between the attendees and the rapporteurs of the different programmed topics.

The program will end with a specific presentation for blueberries from the international expert Luis Luchsinger, who will develop the theme of the varietal importance of the blueberry and the cold chain for the choice of the destination market.

Related to this, the Peruvian industry exports to 36 different destinations, led by the US, a market in which a total of USD 466 million 597 thousand has been commercialized in the last season, followed by the Netherlands, with USD 183 million 176 thousand, which represent 78.7% of shipments of Peruvian blueberries. Among the five main destinations of Peruvian fruit this season were Hong Kong, United Kingdom and China, the latter destination where a total of USD 71 million 94 thousand was commercialized, increasing by more than 100% compared to last season , becoming the third most important export destination of the Peruvian blueberry.

This reality of exponential growth of the Peruvian blueberry industry is auspicious, but it needs to be analyzed, measured and evaluated to consolidate it sustainably over time and project it to achieve superior achievements. This is only achieved with the acquisition of updated knowledge and permanent transfer of new and better technological tools, which otherwise have been the key to explaining the great progress of the Peruvian industry since its inception, a decade ago, to its current position of privilege and prominence.

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