International Seminar in Monticello: Seminars for a new standard

Hundreds of attendees, from Chile and various countries of the region, filled the rooms of the Monticello Conference Center last April 19 on the occasion of the X International Blueberries Seminar. "This seminar has become a milestone in national affairs," said the executive director of the Committee of Blueberries of Chile, Andrés Armstrong, at the opening of the meeting organized by Blueberries Consulting.

INIA experts and exhibitors

The presence and protagonism of the researchers of the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), who sponsored the meeting, gave a great level to the presentation and vision of the topics, feeding with their solid knowledge the analysis of the multiple variables regarding the management of the cultivation and the exercise of good practices. In this perspective, the modality of the Round Table was implemented, which was implemented as a closure to the morning and afternoon blocks, because it allowed us to take advantage of the tremendous quality of INIA researchers and their interrelation with the other participating experts and guests.

New Times

The invitation to participate in this International Seminar mentioned that "it is designed for the new times we all face" and they were not wrong. For the attendees and participants, it was a very rewarding day and most spontaneously evaluated it as "the best of recent years", for the quality of the speakers, for the program and treatment of the topics, and for the excellent organization deployed.

The challenge of competition

Andrés Armstrong took the opportunity to make a call to the participants and the industry in general, warning: “The key is competition, it is what makes it more urgent and necessary for us to do things better and to participate in activities like this, in such a way a way that allows us to stay in the market (…) the competition has had an impact on the perception of quality, and that is a reality for all markets, I believe that it must be very clear, the quality standard has changed. Before there was a situation in which we were alone, in which the offer came from Chile and there were no alternatives. Today is a very different situation and we have products from other countries, newer varieties and in some cases closer to the market. With some problems as well, but they have a series of attributes that have been changing quality standards and I think that we must be very clear about that, that is why I find today's seminar program very pertinent and points very well to the problems of firmness, one of the main flaws that we have in our fruit ”, he said.

New standards

The industry is clear about the diagnosis and calls for progress in aspects of quality and condition of the fruit to recover competitiveness. The standards have been raised and this explains why the industry players have turned massively to participate in these training spaces to acquire new and better knowledge regarding crop management, which also implies that these events also raise their standards of excellence , with rapporteurs of quality and relevance of the topics to be discussed.

A clear example are the next International Seminars of the 17 in May in Lima and the 28 and 29 in June in Guadalajara, where the relevance of the topics that make up the programs and the high quality of the rapporteurs will be appreciated, taking charge of the new levels of demand, because it is understood that the challenge imposed by the market is for the whole of the cranberry industry and this is the responsibility of all its actors.

Source: Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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