Friday, October 30, 2020 / Week 44


28 and 29 of June, Hotel Hyatt Andares Guadalajara


For this occasion we have designed a larger meeting instance, which includes two days of meeting where we incorporate conversation and debate sessions between the specialists, allowing the attendees of the seminar to be spectators of opinions and visions from different sources, facing the same theme It affects blueberry cultivation. Additionally, this new modality will allow to extend the instances of conversation between sponsors and assistants, to continue sharing with the speakers, experiences and new knowledge of the productive process of this crop, choice of varieties, substrates, fertirrigation, nutrition, pests and diseases, pruning, the good use of new technologies, analyzing the different commercial scenarios and looking for new opportunities.

The invitation is made to continue maintaining a highly technical climate and close conversation, to continue contributing to the development of this industry through knowledge and information from national and international experts.


Opening timesThemesRapporteurs
8:35-9:20Mexican blueberry and its location in the world
from the perspective of Berries Paradise
Mr. Francisco J. Ortiz Esquivel
Berries Paradise
Mexican flag
9:25-10:05Main international blueberry markets:
dynamics and skills
Mr. Federico Beltrán
General Manager
Terra Business SAC
Peru flag
10:05-11:00COFFEE BREAK
11:10-12:00Hydroponic production in blueberries:
Key aspects of management, criteria to consider,
monitoring and control of the crop
Mrs. María del Carmen Salas
Ing. Agr. Ph.D.
Professor Doctorate
Protected Agriculture
University of Almería
Spanish flag
12:05-12:55Formulation of nutritional solutions for
Cranberries in soilless cultivation
Mr. Alfredo Rodríguez-Delfín Biologist, Ph.D.
Director - Mineral Hydroponics and Nutrition Research Center
UN Agraria La Molina
Peru flag
13:15-14:45FREE LUNCH
Lunch Box.
15:00-15:45Cranberry production under toppings:
background, considerations and management

Richard M. Bastías
Ing. Agr. Ph.D.
Associate Professor Fruit Production
Universidad de Concepción
Chile's flag
15:50-16:20Considerations for the use of blueberry toppings
to define quality and postharvest handling
Mr. Bruno Defilippi
Ing. Agr. Ph.D.
INIA researcher
International Consultant
Chile's flag
16:20-17:10COFFEE BREAK
17:30-18:00Production of blueberries under salt conditions: technical considerations and production costs
Mr. Juan Pablo Bentín
Ing. Agr. - MBA
Valle and Pampa Peru
Peru flag
18:00-18:15Productive Curves for Blueberries in Mexico
Mr. Casimiro Dávila
Director of operations
Hortifrut Mexico
Flag of germany
From 18: 40COCKTAIL
Opening timesThemesRapporteurs
9:00-9:40Identification and management of the main
Blueberry pests and diseases in Mexico
Mr. Douglas Rodríguez
Lic. Microb. MS. Ph.D.
Crop protection specialist
Driscoll's Mexico
Mexican flag
9:45-10:35What happens in the leaves when we apply nutrients via foliar? How can we optimize their absorption, permanence and translocation in plants?Mr. Heiner Goldbach
Ph.D. (Dr.rer.agr.)
Professor of Plant Nutrition
INRES - University of Bonn
Flag of germany
10:35-11:25COFFEE BREAK
11:45-12:35Current and potential uses of regulators of
blueberry production growth
Mr. Jorge Retamales
Ing. Agr. MS. Ph.D.
International Consultant
Chile's flag
12:40-13:25Business performance and expectations of
Blueberries in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
Mr. Victor Cedillo
National Sales Manager
Driscoll's Mexico
Mexican flag


The XII International Seminar of Blueberries Mexico will be held on June 28 and 29 at the Hyatt Andares Guadalajara Hotel, which is located in Blvrd. Puerta de Hierro 5065, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

How to get there:

The seminar will take place on June 28 between 8:00 a.m. and 19:30 p.m. On June 29 it will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 13:00 p.m.

Our invitation is to share the newest and most important knowledge regarding the cultivation of blueberries and everything that implies their production and commercialization in the international market together with outstanding international exhibitors and important companies of the industry. We will share experiences and new knowledge of the productive process of this crop, choice of varieties, fertirrigation, nutrition, pests and diseases, pruning and the good use of new technologies. It will also be the opportunity to share information and design strategies regarding the new markets that have been opened for cultivation.

The value of the ticket covers:

  • Access to the entire program and conferences both days.
  • Access to the commercial area
  • Food, hot and cold drinks from the AM and PM recess
  • Food, cold drinks from the Cocktail
  • Access to the presentations of the speakers
  • Internet WIFI)

The deadline to make effective the registration and payment of the seminar is until the day before the event or until the capacity is completed. You can also register and get your ticket the same day of the event (with the possibility that the capacity is already full).

If you can pay at the door with cash but only if there is availability. Keep in mind that the price at the door is always a bit higher. We always recommend paying in advance and ensuring your entry, our seminars are well attended, you could stay out.

Yes. Once payment is made by bank transfer or deposit, you must send your receipt to the mail seminars@blueberriesconsulting.com indicating the data of the assistant. In this way the administration department will send a confirmation email.

Once the payment is received, the administration department sends a confirmation email and an invoice is issued that will be received a few days later.

Indeed, if you do not obtain confirmation of your registration after 72 hours, it means that it was not carried out satisfactorily, therefore you are not registered in the event.

  • If you received an email from the event organization (seminars@blueberriesconsulting.com) means that you are already registered in the Seminar. This message is your confirmation. Now you just have to attend the Seminar with a personal identification or QR code (printed or digital) and present it at the door to enter.
  • The email may be in your spam or spam tray.
  • You can communicate with us through seminars@blueberriesconsulting.com or call +56229444619 or + 56942412089.

It is not exclusively necessary to print your ticket to enter the Seminar. We will already have your name registered at the registration desk. You only need to carry a personal identification or QR code on your mobile device.

Surely you can transfer it, you must send us the Name, a Last Name and the main e-mail of the person who will attend your place to seminars@blueberriesconsulting.com. You must also send us the First and Last Name of the person who paid and bought the original ticket. You can make this change only up to 3 days before the seminar.

NO monetary refunds will be granted for the cancellation of the seminar attendance, after payment has been made. If you cannot attend, you can register a substitute participant and inform them up to 3 days before the event.

Yes, for those who attend and request a certificate of participation through seminars@blueberriesconsulting.com, they will be sent digitally through this medium.

The first day will be allowed to enter until the capacity of the rooms is completed or until 19:30 p.m. For the second day the admission is until 12:00 hrs.

You must visit our web portal blueberriesconsulting.com and access in the menu the tab "Seminars" → "Seminars 2018" → "XII Seminary Mexico 2018". Then choose the desired presentation in the seminar program and enter the access code that was sent to you by e-mail after the Seminar was held.


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