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Thursday, May 06, 2021

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08 pm (CET) Clearance
08 pm (CET) Global vision of the blueberry business: Markets and competencies. Federico Beltran

General Manager

Terra Business SAC

09 pm (CET) Blueberry genetic improvement: Advances, difficulties and opportunities for Peru. Patricio Muñoz

Leader of University Florida Blueberry Breeding Program

Horticultural Sciences Department IFAS

10 pm (CET) Management of blueberries with low cold requirement in Florida: Characteristics of the new varieties, pruning, conduction systems and use of rootstocks. Jeffrey G. Williamson

Professor and Extension Specialist

Horticultural Sciences Department IFAS, University of Florida

11 pm (CET) Use of Dormex® in subtropical blueberry production: “evergreen” and “deciduous” systems. Gerard W. Krewer

Extension University of Georgia

International Consultant

12 pm (CET) Relationships between nutrients and their effects on fruit quality in blueberries. Samuel Roman

Ing. Agr. M.Sc. Applied Plant Nutrition Specialist

International Consultant

13 pm (CET) LUNCH
15 pm (CET) Keys and benefits of the integral management of microorganisms in the cultivation of blueberries. Felix Fernandez

Lic. Microbiology

PhD. in Agricultural Sciences


R + D + i Symborg

16 pm (CET) Organic nutrition in the production of "evergreen" blueberries. Gerard W. Krewer

Extension University of Georgia

International Consultant

17 pm (CET) The importance of varietal and cold chain in blueberries for the choice of the target market. Luis Luchsinger L.

Ing. Agr., Ph.D. Postharvest and Cold Chain Specialist

International Consultant

Associate Prof. U. of Chile

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News XIX Seminar Peru 2021
Lima International Seminar / May 07, 2020: The industry meets in Lima to analyze the advantages and challenges of the new leader

According to the Association of Exporters of Peru (ADEX), at the end of the 2019/2020 season, blueberry shipments reached USD 824 million 813 thousand, which means an increase of 50% compared to shipments of the 2018 season / 2019, which reached USD 546 million 287 thousand. The trade union organization of […]

Patricio Muñoz

Dr. Patricio Muñoz is the leader of the genetic improvement program for blueberry varieties at the University of Florida.

Professor and Researcher of the Department of Horticultural Sciences of genetics and blueberry breeding.

In his career he has stood out for his academic excellence and his active participation as a consultant, researcher and mentor of students in breeding, quantitative genetics, genetics and genomics.

He has participated in various scientific publications, breeding courses and topics related to strategies and design of breeding experiments.

Jeffrey G. Williamson

Professor and Extension Specialist of the Department of Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida, United States.

Among the research areas in which he has participated is: Horticulture of small fruits and improving efficiency in blueberry production practices. Among its publications we can highlight: application of new technologies to transform blueberry harvest, vegetative and reproductive behavior of blueberry cultivars with the use of rootstocks, mechanized harvesting and post-harvest storage of cultivars using rootstocks, use of irrigation for frost protection , effect of time and intensity of summer pruning, role of blueberry growth regulators, among others.

In 2010 he obtained the presidential gold medal awarded by the horticultural society of the state of Florida.

In 2018 he won the specialist of the year award, recognition granted by the Florida County Association of Agricultural Agents.

Gerard W. Krewer

Dr. Gerard Krewer of the extension department of the University of Georgia, advisor and international consultant. He has bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Georgia and a pH.D from Clemson University.

He was a fruit extension specialist at the University of Georgia from 1984 to 2011, when the blueberry industry in Georgia increased from 600 to 8.000 hectares. He then developed and ran an organic blueberry farm for 8 years in Woodbine, Georgia.

He is currently a consultant for more than 1.000 hectares of blueberries, mainly in the southeastern United States.

Luis Luchsinger L.

Agricultural Engineer with a mention in Fruit Culture from the University of Chile, and Doctor in Postharvest Physiology from the University of Maryland (USA).

His research area is physiology and post-harvest handling of fruits, together with indicators of maturity, cold damage, modification of the atmosphere, packaging, cooling, conservation and refrigerated transport. International specialist in the handling and postharvest quality of export fruits. Extensive knowledge in harvesting, packing, packaging materials, cooling, conservation and transportation. In addition, he is a consultant for a large number of national and international export companies.

Federico Beltran

Agronomist (Universidad Agraria la Molina). Specialized in international trade and Marketing.

General Manager Terra Business SAC and Terra Futura SAC. Companies oriented to the introduction of new investment opportunities and development of solutions to increase competitiveness in the agricultural sector in general and the blueberry industry in particular.

Considered one of the pioneers of the blueberry industry in Peru, it is currently related to the main national and foreign companies that are developing the blueberry crop. An important part of his work is oriented to analyze in situ the competitive and commercial dynamics of the main countries that participate in the industry.

Samuel Roman

Agronomist of the Universidad Austral de Chile.
Master in Sciences. Specialist in Soils, Fertigation and Applied Plant Nutrition. International Advisor

Author of books and articles of technical dissemination such as the “International Handbook of Fertirriego”, “Nutrition and Fertilization of Blueberry for High Quality Fruit in the South and South Center of Chile”, “Diagnosis for the optimization of irrigation and nutrition of Blueberry and Raspberry ”, among others.


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