The general manager of Terra Business SAC, Federico Beltrán Molina, pointed out: In three years Peru will have 20 thousand hectares of blueberries and will consolidate its world leadership in the export of this fresh fruit

65% of the 15.000 hectares of blueberries that currently exist in Peru have been planted with protected varieties, which represents a competitive advantage for our country. Modern genetics is one of the main technological tools to obtain differentiation in the markets, which is why we currently have 50 varieties of blueberries installed, from 12 genetic programs and 7 clubs.

Peru currently has 15 thousand hectares of blueberries and in 3 years it will have 20 thousand hectares of said fruit, said the general manager of Terra Business, Federico Beltrán Molina.

I point out that each year new areas of the aforementioned blueberry are installed in our country, which will allow us to consolidate the world leadership in the export of fresh blueberries. Worldwide there are 200 thousand hectares of this fruit and Peru stands out as one of the most competitive countries in this global industry.

He highlighted that 65% of these 15.000 hectares of blueberries that exist in Peru correspond to protected varieties, which represents a competitive advantage that our country has.

He added that, worldwide, Peru is among the best in handling new technologies in this crop. “The transformation of the blueberry is due to a positive irruption of many genetic options and new technologies. Peru quickly incorporated new technologies and new genetics and this, added to the benign climate, allowed for the incorporation of very rapid learning regarding the potential of varieties ”.

He added that Peru currently has 50 varieties of blueberries installed, from 12 genetic programs and 7 clubs (in 2011 we started with 5 varieties), for which he stressed that in a few years our country has incorporated all the complexity of modern agriculture (Agriculture 4.0). "We have the best genetic options planted in Peru because we have opted for the complexity of the genetic portfolios of commercial models."

Beltrán Molina stressed that the cultivation of blueberries is being deconcentrated in our country. In this regard, he pointed out that before La Libertad contributed 90% of exports, today that region represents less than 50%. Currently there are blueberries in 12 regions of the country, from Moquegua to Piura and in many regions of the mountains such as Áncash, Huánuco, Cajamarca, Cusco, among others.

“Top leadership companies in this business are increasingly opening up to a model of incorporating third parties and that is the opportunity for other producers. There is already a learning curve, the technical level of the engineers of the companies is high, there is local knowledge and learning, in addition the new technologies rapidly incorporated by the grape, avocado, blueberry, citrus entrepreneurs, radiate to other producers of traditional crops, all this allows this crop to spread to other regions ”, he said.

Consumption continues to increase in the world
The general manager of Terra Business indicated that a lot of clinical research on blueberries has been developed worldwide, which has concluded that it is one of the healthiest fruits in the world, that has allowed its consumption to increase unstoppably.

In that sense, he said that the blueberry market is growing around the world. China has doubled its blueberry imports from Peru; The United States concentrates 50% of the exportable supply of Peruvian blueberries (and globally it is the target market for 80% of new projects); while the demand in Europe for this fruit continues to grow.

In this regard, he pointed out that according to the latest medical research, it is recommended that each person consume 128 grams of blueberries per day, this with the aim of preventing cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, diabetes, among others. The blueberry is considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world

Campaign 2021/2022
At another time, Federico Beltrán indicated that for the current 2021/2022 season, Peru would export around 211.000 tons of fresh blueberries, which would represent an increase of 30% compared to what was achieved in the previous season (2020/2021).

"Anticipating an increase in supply in the order of 30% is supported by the large investment of companies in the fields and continuous improvement. Peru should finish this campaign (2021/2020) with 211 thousand tons and with a turnover level above US $ 1.200 million ”, he said.

He indicated that Peru is rapidly incorporating tools to improve the quality and condition of the fruit in its intended markets. Currently 50% of fresh blueberries from Peru go to the United States, 35% to Europe and 15% to Asia. "This will move a little in time, because we have the genetics to reach all markets."

He stressed that there are 200 thousand people who harvest blueberries every day, from Moquegua to Piura and this is complementary to the stable jobs that the agribusiness has generated. He added that our country is expanding its commercial window for this fruit, which currently runs from July to March, but we could produce all year round.

"Blueberries is a crop that will continue to grow in Peru that has many options, in genetics it has many commercial models so everyone will expect to have a supply from Peru, they need a supply from Peru, that is why our country will continue to expand its commercial window", he concluded .

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