Stoller, hand in hand with blueberry growers in Mexico

Founded by Jerry H. Stoller, MD, Stoller is a company that already has more than 50 years of global experience in nutrition and biostimulation of plants. It has cutting-edge biotechnology to prevent biotic and abiotic stress, as well as physiological disorders in cultivated plants, stimulating the expression of their genetic potential to improve their performance and quality.

With 24 years of presence in Mexico, Stoller has gone hand in hand with Mexican farmers gaining ever greater share in the agricultural sector. Therefore, Stoller has aroused the interest of innovators who are dedicated to producing crops of high value and technological level.

Production Blueberries or blueberries it has had an impressive momentum in recent years; the cultivation of this fruit in Mexico already reports 3 hectares. Producing blueberries requires a lot of dedication, professionalism and above all the ability to choose the best inputs that provide us with healthy, well-nourished plants with the best fruit quality, and profitability.  

Healthy and active root. - Stoller recommended Root Feed SP to achieve a differentiated effect on roots, which keeps them active, absorbing water and nutrients, mainly calcium, and in constant growth, synthesizing cytokinins throughout the crop cycle. Well structured roots, deep, and with absorbent hairs in constant renewal generate more productive plants. During 2019, in Jacona, Michoacán, a trial on 3-year-old plants, Biloxi variety, compared the use of 6 kg / ha per day for two weeks, applied to the soil in the flowering and fruit set period.  Root Feed increased 300 grams more of fruit per plant; that is, 25% higher yield per hectare.

Greater flowering and more fruit set. - Another technology that Stoller has managed to put in the minds of blueberry growers are Nitrate Balancer, stimulate y Golden Harvest Plus. The use of three repetitions of the mixture of these products showed greater flowering and more tied fruits per plant. The test carried out with this treatment in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, in the Biloxi variety, applied every 8 days during flowering, yielded 7.5% more flowers than the producer's control; consequently, more fruits per plant and higher yield.

Fruit quality. - The export market demands rigorous quality standards from producers, such as size and soluble solids (Brix degrees). For this, Stoller evaluated the use of Sugar Move compared to the treatment of a producer with extensive experience in cultivation. The final result with three applications of Sugar Mover, one every 8 days, starting from the fruit filling period, was that 72% more fruit was harvested.

Life of anaquel.- This concept has to do with firmness in the fruit and its resistance to transport, dehydration, softening, and the presence of fungi or bacteria in post-harvest. Every producer of blueberries knows that the use of products that provide calcium (Ca) during the formation and development of the fruit until harvest is crucial to obtain postharvest resistance. Root Feed SP from Stoller, integrates the necessary technology to increase the Structural Calcium in the fruit, since in its formulation there is calcium of high availability and efficiency. Therefore, this calcium will be in the fruit when it is harvested; the same one that will give you the much appreciated "Shelf Life". Several studies conducted in Chile, on varieties such as Briggita and Duke, showed that there was a difference in Structural Calcium in fruit when it was used Root Feed compared to other sources of calcium: 8.7 mg / 100 gr against 6.6 in Briggita, and 8.4 mg / 100 gr against 7.1 in Duke.

These results are possible because Root Feed SP maintains the constant generation of absorbent hairs and provides highly efficient calcium for absorption, recalling the principle that "calcium absorption depends on efficient root activity, not on the amount of calcium we provide".

In summary, Stoller has defined a crop management that ensures successful results in the main stages of blueberry development. Root Feed SP to apply during the 3 weeks prior to the break due to pruning or defoliation, and then resume until harvest; to keep active roots, plants in hormonal balance and high efficiency calcium with greater flow to fruits. Nitrate Balancer, stimulate y Golden Harvest Plus from the beginning of flowering to get more flowers and fruits per plant. Sugar Move during fruit development to obtain larger, heavier fruits with higher brix degrees. In other words, higher performance, quality and profitability.

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