South Africa: aims to reach 55.000 tonnes of blueberry exports by 2025

The country seeks to reach 5.000 hectares of plantations during the next four years.

With 25.000 tons in export of blueberries South Africa plans to continue producing for the remainder of the year, which would mean a del% increase 63 in relation to the volume of the previous year.

Like the rest of the blueberry industries, they have had to deal with the challenges that the covid-19 pandemic has brought in terms of logistics, transportation and supply, preparing for the consequences that may still be presented.

Constant growth

According to figures provided by Berries ZA, during the last five years, the blueberry business in South Africa has experienced a persistent increase of nearly 400%. In order to achieve the 55.000 tons by 2025 a 160% growth in four years. In this way, it will try to position itself as one of the great exporters of this fruit, which up to now the United Kingdom and Europe have been its largest buyers, and a slight number reaches the southern hemisphere.

Due to the geographical position of the country, it could be an excellent supply center for important markets that compete with South America, Europe and the United Kingdom. In northern SA, large quantities of blueberry crops began to be planted a few years ago to supply the surrounding nations.

Pieter Zietsman is Berry's unit manager at Topfruit Western Cape and has been working in South Africa for five years now. In your presentation "Analysis of the blueberry industry in South Africa", Zietsman mentions how the industry has behaved in the last time and the projections that are coming for this country that takes more and more relevance.

According to the expert, one of the advantages that the country has compared to other industries is its geographical position, which can take between 15 - 18 days of travel by ship compared to the 25-27 days it takes to other countries, in addition to the great quality of their food.

International Blueberry Month 2021

Pieter Zietsman will participate in the opening day of the second edition of the International Blueberry Month 2021, online event that will offer training with leading experts from the blueberry industry.

Together with Cort Brazelton CO-CEO of Fall Creek, Betina Ernt director of TopInfo Marketing Argentina and Amine Bennani president of the Moroccan Association of Red Fruit producers, they will start the event this Tuesday, August 3.


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