Peruvian superfoods have potential in Brazil

Maximixe proposes that IIRSA Sur be better used for shipping products.

Brazil is one of Peru's most important trading partners in the region, with a trade volume of US$5,461 million in 2022, a figure higher by 27% compared to 2021. In this regard, the director of Economy at Maximixe, Henry Álvarez, He stated that Peruvian superfoods, which are already sent to this area of ​​the world, have even greater opportunities in the neighboring country's market.

One of those products, he specified, are blueberries. Other foods that could also benefit more from trade between both countries are olives and oregano.

“There are products that can enter by road and thus cover the demand that exists in the Brazilian northwest and even in central Brazil. Here we have agro-export products, grapes for example,” he noted.

Likewise, he indicated that textiles also have the opportunity to gain space in the north of the neighboring country, you just have to find the opportunities that arise.


In that sense, the representative of Maximixe pointed out that the IIRSA Sur is not being used as it should to reach the Brazilian market with greater products, although it could benefit regions such as Ica, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco, Apurímac, Cusco, Puno and Mother of God.

Likewise, he stated that this highway also benefits in terms of cost savings "because it is more efficient for perishable products."

Likewise, he assured that it is necessary for the Border Trade Facilitation Agreement to be implemented. “In 2016 this agreement was signed, but it has not been fully developed, there are many aspects that are linked to border controls, procedures, regulations, which are making access to merchandise difficult,” he added.

It should be noted that on December 4, Maximixe will present the study “Trade Opportunities Peru – Brazil.”

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