Innovative labeling technologies in Fruit Attraction

The G-3 high-speed labeller is the standard bearer of the JBT labeling product line. Designed for a line of single products that pass under their label applicator heads, the G-3 labeller achieves high speeds with high reliability. With JBT's patented steering technology, independent motors controlled by electricity and improved computer-based technology, each labeling head can hold up to 8 bellows for faster application rates. The G3 is able to apply more than 720 labels per minute with each applicator head with a hit rate of 95%, all without marking or hitting even the most sensitive product.

Laser labeling

Laser Food's innovative laser labeling technology is an excellent alternative to traditional labeling for the agricultural product. The LMS2 laser labeller is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and can be integrated into pre-existing processing lines. It is customizable and the ability to edit graphics in situ allows rapid changes in designs and a special marketing to differentiate the product from the competition in a retail environment.

Mac & Label

Mac & Label offers high-quality, high-efficiency labeling applications. Your ETH-008 is modular, flexible and capable of labeling up to 1.380 trays per hour, with a 95% hit rate. Each unit includes an operational interface via a touch screen that allows the user to have full control over the trays, boxes and label settings. It also offers isolated hand and foot banding units, which are available as stationary or portable models for added flexibility.


In November 2014, JBT announced strategic partnerships with Laser Food and Mac & Label. Its association with Laser Food has given it exclusive rights on a global scale to sell its laser labeling technology. It also has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to distribute Mac & Label's highly regarded line of labeling. These partnerships will bring JBT to the forefront of an exciting new field in food labeling.

JBT has long been at the forefront of food labeling and the food processing industry. In the 30 years they developed Flavorseal®, the world's first commercial coverage for fresh products. In 2008 they introduced the Bin Scrubber System ™, with which they set a new standard for cleaning and disinfecting cans. During the past 80 years, JBT has proven time and again its ability to innovate and be a pioneer in the fresh agricultural product industry.

JBT will be present at the next Fruit Attraction in Madrid, from the 28 to the 30 in October, at the 10H05 stand, pavilion 10.



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