Short but good season for Polish blueberries

This year's blueberry season is coming to an end in Poland. The prices of the internal market have had ups and downs throughout the season, but they have remained much higher than those of the previous season.

The Polish blueberry season usually runs from July 1 to the end of August, but sunny days and high temperatures this summer have caused it to end earlier. However, berry producers Baltic Berry, in the north of the country, and Elliot, in the south, speak of good quality.

«Production has been higher than the previous year in northern Poland, which was very low, so we have returned to our usual figures. The weather conditions have not given us serious problems. Although we had frequent rains, especially in August, luckily there have not been prolonged periods of rain, which would have been much worse.explains Joanna Sapala, from Baltic Berry.
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In the south of Poland, Dorota Zegota, from Elliot, says that, thanks to its location, they have not experienced weather complications such as rain. Zegota also says that his production of blueberries has increased, although it is because his plants have reached maturity.
«Demand continues to increase year after year with more customers, more plants and more volume. Our plantation is very young, so every year we have more fruits. We only have one section that is 40 years old, but the rest was planted in 2007»adds Zegota.
“Our oldest plantation still has the Bluecrop variety, but we have been focusing mainly on modern varieties such as Liberty and Duke in our newer plantations”.
Most producers in Poland have switched to modern varieties, including some late varieties to prolong the season such as Liberty, Aurora and Elliot, although this year they have not served much.
Western Europe, especially the United Kingdom, remains the largest market for Polish producers. However, shipments to the British Isles have declined with the start of their own internal season. Elliot's Zegota explains that most of its exports during the latter part of the season go to Germany and the Netherlands.
Baltic Berry exports loose and packaged blueberries, according to the requirements of its customers. "However, I think that packaging them here gives better results in terms of the conditions of the fruits and their shelf life", says Joanna Sapala, from Baltic Berry.
«The demand for blueberries continues to increase in many countries and we have many requests from different markets. The most interesting thing is that we have seen considerable growth also in the Polish market.», concludes Sapala.
In addition to traditional markets, Elliot has his sights set on Asia as a new export market. The company will be present this year at Asia Fruit Logística, as part of the Polish Berry Cooperative, under the name Berrygroup Sp Zoo. You can visit them in pavilion 3a, booth E31.

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