Blueberry Tour: programming of the International Blueberry Seminars 2023

Peru, Mexico, Chile and Morocco are the destinations that Blueberries Consulting will visit with relevant information on the main developments in blueberry production.

After more than 8 years being organized by Blueberries Consulting, the International Blueberry Seminars have become a long-awaited meeting opportunity for the blueberry industry. This 2023 will not be the exception.

Within the framework of the World Blueberry Tour 2022-2023, the seminars will be present in Peru, the largest exporter of fresh blueberries in the world, on two occasions: visiting Lima during March and coming back in July to Trujillo, the capital of the most productive region of the country, La Libertad. This will be the second time that Blueberries Consulting has held two seminars per year in this country, and all due to the great success of both meetings. 

At Lima 2022, we broke the attendance record with more than 800 people attending the event. While during our first time in Trujillo, we felt the warm welcome of the producers of La Libertad, filling the venue during the two days of the seminar.

As on previous occasions, the International Seminars will stand out for the delivery of technical information on blueberry production, specially selected according to the productive context of each region visited. In this way, the data provided is not only used to solve technical problems or adopt more efficient practices, but also to develop more effective business strategies. 

It is an opportunity for producers to learn about best practices, for exporters to evaluate their strategies and for suppliers to better understand the needs of this productive sector.

Chile You will also have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits during April, the month in which it will host its twenty-fifth edition. The second largest blueberry producer in Latin America will receive prominent international speakers with the aim of adapting the most mature blueberry industry in the region to new forms of commercial competition.

At the end of May, we welcome Mexican producers to a new version of the International Seminars in Guadalajara. To offer improved spaces and networking opportunities, we will meet at the Hard Rock Hotel, a new location specially selected to promote union cooperation, in a country noted for its consolidation in the blueberry market in recent years.

And finally, after visiting Trujillo in July, we return to carry out a second version of our renowned seminars in Morocco during September.

Blueberries Consulting was a pioneer in organizing an event of a high technical level in this country, bringing together for the first time the outstanding producers that made Morocco a renowned industry in the berry market.

This time we invite all Moroccan producers to Agadir, in southern Morocco, to an event that will collect the best experiences and learning from our previous visit, perfecting networking spaces and promoting relevant information for this important agricultural activity in the country.

We invite you to prepare your agenda and organize your dates to be part of the 2023 International Seminars, organized by Blueberries Consulting. For more information about the events, write to o click here. 

Catalina Pérez Ruiz - Blueberries Consulting

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