Tunnel Tek technifies the field of Latin America

Tunnel Tek is part of the family business Grupo CAOR, a corporate government with 52 years of experience.

22 years ago in the Zamora Valley, Michoacán, thanks to a very visionary farmer Sergio García de Alba, a Driscoll's farmer, he presented his need to us: How to protect your crops from weather conditions, increase their productivity and remain profitable at the same time?

After extensive research on protected agriculture and constant testing in conjunction with farmers, we developed our first solution for strawberry cultivation, to such an extent that today 80% of crops of berries are grown under macro tunnels in Mexico, since it is no longer conceivable to grow any type of berries without a macro tunnel.

Tunnel Tek


Thanks to that, we were the pioneers in Mexico in the protected agriculture with macro tunnels.

We support the crops of farmers throughout the Mexican Republic and Latin America.

The production of berries in Mexico has had an impressive growth in recent years, to such an extent that today there are more than 30 hectares covered in Mexico.

The following photograph shows a clear example of a Mexican farmer who decided to bet on the Tunnel Tek experience and implement the technification of their crops.

What were your results?

  • Production increase of up to 60% more vs open pit.
  • Advancement of the harvest windows up to a week before.
  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Loss prevention in the event of rain, frost, hail and high radiation.
  • Berries of a superior quality for export, better shelf life, flavor and increase in size.
  • Better disease control.

Technology has revolutionized agriculture, transforming it into a precision technique and its effects have been greater safety for producers and reduction of costs, increased productivity and agility in decision making. 

The more technology we apply to the field, this makes both the market and the businesses themselves, and therefore the resources, more sustainable.

Today more than ever, we enjoy an era where the availability of technology is within everyone's reach to apply it in any sector, being very accessible and with great benefits.

Tunnel Tek, like farmers, we have evolved. We continually seek to create new opportunities focused on decrease the risk of loss of your crops and help them make your investments profitable through technological solutions.

We have a strategic alliance with one of the most important companies in the technology industry, Bosch. That, thanks to their expertise in the development of technological solutions, more than 10 years ago they focused their efforts on agriculture, sharing our philosophy with the farmer: How to help the farmer to get profitable from his crops, saving money, time and effort, capitalizing more than 100 years of research and development in other industries?

Sign alliance with Bosch Gerardo Cardenas, CEO Tunnel Tek

Sign alliance with Bosch Ramiro Cardenas, CEO Grupo CAOR Gerardo Cardenas, CEO Tunnel Tek












The technological solutions that are changing the way of working of the farmers of Latam being more profitable and efficient are:


Technological solution specialized in satellite monitoring for all types of crops such as asparagus, tomato, sugar cane, among others. Monitoring the health of fruit tree development as avocado, mango and lemon.

We use artificial intelligence to generate predictive health and yield studies analyzing the climatic conditions of the site and the agronomic conditions of the crops. Combined with precision sensors on the ground, ideal for measuring water stress, monitoring and predicting pests and diseases, programming the quantity and date of production per week, making the application in large areas of land very productive allowing the farmer saving time and money.


Specialized and unique technological solution of its kind, focused on monitoring and support in decision-making, generating projections of yields and harvest dates for specific crops protected with macro tunnels, Such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries among others.

It is an image processing solution through a cell phone that uses a collection of specific photos of the field to later analyze and categorize them through artificial intelligence, helping to make estimates of yields, harvest dates so that you can plan weeks before all your operation and adjust what you can to come out in the desired window. Thus helping to reduce post-harvest losses, as well as predict and identify pests and diseases, supporting the farmer in making preventive and non-corrective decisions, resulting in a fruit with better quality and price for export.

true food

Specialized traceability platform for the fruit through bitcoin and blockchain technology, technology that allows giving 100% certainty to the end consumer, with the help of a unique tag that offers the vision of the key details of origin, transport and production throughout the supply chain, allowing stakeholders to better respond to demands and even the final consumer allows you to know exactly where what you are going to eat comes from, giving you the security of knowing where your food comes from from the farm to the table at home.

Truefood allows to help the consumer, the retailer, the manufacturer of agricultural inputs, the producer and the distributor to consolidate in a single friendly platform and with blockchain technology.

Our mission is to technify the field of Mexico and Latin America to achieve the profitability of farmers, generating adequate and efficient protection of the area and cultivation through custom designs.

If you are interested in knowing in detail about the technological solutions that

are changing the future of the field, you can enter the following link:


Or, you can call our SOS Tunnel Tek number: +52 351 150 8581.

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