Latest trends and innovations of the market were part of the X International Seminar of Blueberries Chile 2018

A fruitful event to update knowledge regarding the current blueberry market scenario resulted in the X International Blueberries Chile 2018 Seminar, held on Thursday 19 in April at the Hotel Monticello Conference Center, San Francisco de Mostazal, an opportunity in which expert lecturers They presented their points of view regarding different topics of interest.

More than 360 attendees, from different nationalities such as Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and the United States, among others, who were able to learn about the latest developments in matters such as the European market situation and opportunities for Latin America and Chile, disease analysis of cranberry, factors to consider in the development of nutritional programs to obtain quality fruit, effects of the use of meshes in blueberries, water management to maximize the production and quality of the fruit, effects of calcium in the cranberry and importance of the firmness of the fruit, among other topics.

According to the manager of Blueberries Consulting, Loreto Esquivel, these organized seminars seek to understand the new existing context. "The blueberry is already a global crop and the demand extends to different corners of the world as the human being becomes aware of a healthy diet. This is good news but at the same time a great challenge as the demand grows day by day and on the other hand, it also becomes more demanding, with markets that demand a better quality fruit. It is a challenge that we must face with science, technology and innovation, that is, with knowledge that allows us to become professionals as agricultural entrepreneurs. This is the job of Blueberries Consulting ... Generate, gather and transfer knowledge to share it with you. "

On the other hand, the Executive Director of the Committee of Cranberries of Chile Asoex, Andrés Armstrong, said that "the quality standard changed, because we have products from other countries that are of good quality and have allowed to modify this standard", Making a clear call to focus more on the quality of the fruit.

Regarding the scenario of blueberry consumption in Europe, the Director of International Business Development SanLucar and responsible for opening the day of rapporteurs, Holger Brandt, explained that the challenge is to produce quality fruits, with an emphasis on flavor to give in the taste to consumers.

Regarding the perception of those attending this Seminar, there was agreement that it was an interesting and quality instance, with good exhibitions and contingent themes in the current industry scenario. In this way, the instance served so that the attending producers and exporters, both Chileans and other nationalities, can better understand the current and future challenges in this area, which are the competitors that could present the most risk, how to adequately compete with them and what factors to focus on

Ultimately, to have a more global perspective and better internalize the Latin American and global scenario, we leave everyone invited to the next two versions of this round of Seminars organized by Blueberries Consulting:

-XI Blueberries Peru 2018 Seminar, May 17, Hotel JW Marriott Miraflores, Lima - Peru

-XI Blueberries Mexico 2018, 28 and 29 June Seminar, Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel, Guadalajara - Mexico

We look forward to continuing to expand our knowledge and contact networks in this industry!

Source: Blueberries Consulting

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