13,5% less fruit and vegetables exported outside Europe in 2020

The value of Spanish exports of fresh fruits and vegetables outside Europe fell by 13,5% in 2020 compared to the previous year, reaching 519 million euros, while sales to the EU and non-EU European countries rose, a 8% in the first case and 22% in the second, totaling 13.502 million euros and 1.092 million euros respectively, according to data from the Customs and Excise Department.

Sales of fruit and vegetables outside Europe represented 2020% of the total exported by Spain in 4, which stood at 14.594 million euros, showing decreases in the main non-European recipients, such as Canada, with 79 million euros and 19% less than in 2019, or Brazil, with 56,4 million euros, with 43% less. One of the most notable decreases has been that of China, where fruits and vegetables worth 11,2 million euros were exported, compared to 46,3 million in 2019, 76% less.

Exports to non-EU European countries grew by 22%, totaling 1.092 million euros, being Switzerland with 322 million euros and 25% more and Norway, with 140 million euros and 19% more the first destinations.

Regarding the EU, the export value of fresh fruit and vegetables stood at 14.502 million euros, 8% more than in 2019, representing 92,5% of the total, with Germany and France maintaining and strengthening as the first destinations, with 4.073 million euros in the case of Germany, 14% more than in 2019 and 2.550 million euros in the case of France, 9% more.

For FEPEX, the reduced volume and value of Spanish fruit and vegetable exports outside the EU and European markets, has been exacerbated in 2020 by COVID, since transport to distant countries has been greatly complicated by restrictions and by the decrease in the number of trips, both by boat and by plane, which has made the days of the merchandise journey increase and exportation is not feasible.

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