A successful result was the first face-to-face meeting of the blueberry industry

"The best event in Latin America for the blueberry production industry, demonstrating the ability to bring together the best exporting, producing and marketing companies of this fruit, as well as the most important supply chain suppliers"

The industry gathers

With full capacity and a large participation of the largest international companies related to the fruit industry, the XX International Blueberry Seminar held at Expo Guadalajara ended.

“A first-rate organization, where everything is programmed and works with incredible precision” is the comment that is repeated by those who attended when asked about their evaluation of the meeting.

“They have become the best event in Ibero-America for the blueberry production industry, demonstrating the ability to bring together the best exporting, producing and marketing companies of this fruit, as well as the most important suppliers of the supply chain and by Of course, the best technicians who need to update their knowledge and share experiences, combining the different production techniques ”, comments Carlos Castillo, from the Good Berries Group, which includes Agrícolas, La Mancha, Northern Blueberries and Bloom Berries.

First face-to-face meeting

This first meeting of the international blueberry industry, in times of pandemic, proved to be long awaited by all the actors who participate directly or indirectly in the production and market of blueberries, so that all times of the meeting, such as the spaces of the Coffee, meals, question rounds and visits to company stands had to be exceptionally long to satisfy the great demand to learn, talk and learn about what's new and current with respect to the fruit and related services and technologies. with the blueberry industry and fruit growing in general.

“I really liked the Seminar, very well organized and with a high level of professionalism. Before, during and after my participation I felt identified with the audience and very comfortable on stage. I am grateful for the invitation and I hope to continue collaborating in future talks ”, said Professor Prometeo Sánchez García, one of the most important speakers participating in the program.

Attendee interest

David Cadena, from DIDIHU, evaluated it as “a very well organized event, very professional as always. A privilege to share with industry friends and producer friends, and always be learning, both from the exhibitors, who are of a high technical level, and from all our industry colleagues, who always bring very new things. For me it is a privilege to be here and learn from everyone ”.

José Molina Teruel, from Ritec Agrotechnology comments that they had “a considerable influx of public and those who came did so with great interest. You could see that they were expert people, people who were already producers, and that is what pleases us, because they show you their problems, so you can give them the solutions that you can offer at that time. We can evaluate a good level of the visitors and great possibilities of doing something together ”.

This type of comment was repeated in the evaluations of the company representatives, who at all times highlighted the good level of the attendees. "You could tell they were expert people, who did not come to get pens ...", summed up a member of Netafim.

The start of international activities

The Seminar held at Expo Guadalajara was developed respecting the strictest sanitary standards recommended by the authorities and by the event organization, following and implementing cleaning, disinfection and prevention protocols in the venue, with the GBAC STAR TM certification from the World Association of the Cleaning Industry, granted by the USA.

The meeting was the prelude to the face-to-face activities to be held in “August: International Blueberry Month” in Chile, and the long-awaited International Blueberry Seminar to be held in Casablanca, Morocco, next September, to which the most large international companies and the most renowned international rapporteurs and experts will participate.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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