A new packaging that invites you to "snack between hours"

"The tubes are an excellent and novel way to package cranberries, promoting this fruit as an appetizer that can be consumed at any time of the day"Says Seth Hicks of Westpak. In addition, in this British company have not only created this format for the well-known berries, but also have formats for cherries, fisalis, and dates.

photo-minThis new presentation has two added advantages, and that is that its labeling is perfectly legible and, in turn, the fruit is visible. "It is an attractive package that draws the customer's attention, being very comfortable to take with you", Explains Hicks.
From Westpak comment that sales are going very well at the moment and believe that there are other opportunities to package more products in this way. However, it is a new concept, so they can not make comparisons so far. And, although for the moment they are working mainly in the United Kingdom, they are open to collaborate with companies located anywhere in the world.
Source: Freshplaza.es

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