A not inconsiderable campaign for Italian blueberries

“It seemed that there was less product, but, in the end, there was no shortage of Italian blueberries. The season started with some problems due to the lack of manpower due to COVID-19, but for the most part they were solved, ”says Matteo Scandola founding member of the OP Consorzio Piccoli Frutti, located in the province of Verona.

The consortium, well known for the Aurora Fruit brand, covers around 80 hectares of blueberries owned by the various members. “The harvest started in mid-May and continued until the end of September. We have growers who grow the fruit in greenhouses, so it ripens earlier and that guarantees a longer productive period.

“Great quality is obtained by choosing the best variety, depending on the area, with an eye on size, flavor and shelf life. These are the main parameters that must be taken into account to improve quality ”.

As for prices, it is not possible to speak of precise figures because they depend too much on the quality and the period. In any case, they are approximately between 6 and 13 euros per kilo throughout the entire production campaign.

“Our customers are increasingly demanding better quality and we do our best to keep up. Above all, we take great care to avoid complaints about a non-conforming product. It is not easy with such delicate fruits, but the professionalism of our partners always guarantees a high level. What's more, we continue to invest in selection technologies, in research and in new plantations ”.

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