A chef as an ambassador of Chilean cranberry in the United Kingdom

Executive chef Sophie Michell will join the campaign as brand ambassador, and will make numerous ideas available in recipes to inspire consumers to add blueberries to their preparations, especially their pancakes, as part of the Paqueque Day that It is carried out this January in said European market.

It is no mystery to anyone that there is a growing trend of consumption of high volumes of berries within the UK market, especially English, where the Chilean blueberry is in a leading position.

Thus, developing attractive and innovative promotional actions, in which snacks and the different ways of using Chilean blueberries in various culinary preparations, are presented as a very good alternative to expand sales and consumption of this fruit within the UK market, and especially English.

In this context, the highlight of this season is Sophie Michell, author of several culinary publications, and currently recognized as the youngest executive chef in England. Possessing a unique style, in which she mixes her experience after having lived in the Mediterranean and experiences in California and Australia, she will be in charge of inspiring consumers with new and innovative preparations with Chilean blueberries.

According to Charif Christian Carvajal, Marketing Director of ASOEX for Asia and Europe, having Michell's participation is very positive for the strategy that the Blueberry Committee has established in order to increase its penetration in the English market, knowing that the blueberries represent the third largest import of Chilean fruit to the United Kingdom, after table grapes and red apples, which places Chile as the largest fruit supplier during this period of the fruit import season of that market.

The United Kingdom is currently one of the main markets for Chilean blueberries. Overall, the United Kingdom and Europe absorb 23% of the world trade of blueberries from Chile, according to data from ASOEX. Within this framework, the United Kingdom and Germany are the main markets, staying with at least the 85% of the total shipments destined for Europe.

Within this context, the professional added that the English market is a market that is always changing and presenting new trends and consumer opportunities for fresh fruit.

«FoodService is a good way to promote Chilean blueberries, as well as convenience stores and online sales, which are also growing and gaining popularity among consumers. But the most relevant thing, within our strategic plan for this season, is to take advantage of the trend of consuming fresh fruit snacks. Thus, to position Chilean blueberries as a snack, we will have the support of Sophie Michell, who, among other activities, will visualize our blueberries as a healthy alternative for Pancake Day., said the representative of ASOEX.

“Sophie Michell is joining the campaign as a brand ambassador, and they will be making numerous recipe ideas available to inspire consumers to add blueberries to their pancakes. "Pancake Day coincides with one of the main periods of arrival of our blueberries to this market.", He said.

'We want to promote healthy eating and the consumption of fresh blueberries in the UK by showcasing blueberries as an alternative ingredient to sugar-blended sauces in pancake recipes and other desserts. "There is currently a big focus in the UK on reducing sugar consumption and, at the moment, blueberries are a healthy alternative to this.", revealed Carvajal.

During the campaign recipes will be created to promote blueberries in the media (radio and press), promoting their nutritional benefits and their versatility of use in recipes.

"People love recipes", stated Carvajal. «They always want more ideas for use. Therefore, we hope that the new recipes will have a significant impact.".

In addition to promoting Chilean blueberries in the framework of Pancake Day and highlighting Chile as a source of healthy and safe food, the campaign will also carry out a series of press articles, recipes and advertorials in national newspapers, such as Metro,The Sun, The Daily Mirror y The Daily Email, as well as promotions through social networks and radios.

Sophie Michell

Heiress of a lineage linked to gourmet art and professional chefs, Sophie's first encounters with the kitchen were with her grandmother, when she only had 4 years. Despite his young age, he showed incredible potential, which is why at the 15 years he was already serving in a gastropub Somerset and decided on a career in the food industry.

Perhaps her biggest challenge to date is having become the youngest female executive chef at the elegant Belgraves Hotel in London; a title of which she is immensely proud.

Source: Eleconomistaamerica.cl

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