First edition 2022 of BlueMagazine Magazine:

A new edition for new challenges

Annually, BlueMagazine expands its distribution map, reaching new corners of the world in its mission to promote good practices in blueberry production and increase consumption of an exquisite, healthy and wonderful fruit.

Magazine BlueMagazine, in its physical and online edition, is now freely available to the international blueberry industry as a whole, and all those interested in learning about the published content. Like every year, BlueMagazine is shared with all the players in the international blueberry industry, which has meant an important contribution to the development of those involved in cultivation and marketing, because in its pages we find the treatment of different topics relevant and we know of the diverse views or opinions of the most important characters linked to the activity.

permanent expansion

Annually, BlueMagazine expands its distribution map, reaching new corners of the world in its mission to promote good practices in blueberry production and increase consumption of an exquisite, healthy and wonderful fruit. In the case of the 2022 edition, this scope will be even greater, since it is distributed in all the World Blueberry Tour meetings, and it will be extended to several Latin American countries and the African continent, in addition to the presence in part of Europe. and other destinations.

An edition for new challenges

After two long years of distancing from the industry, as a result of the pandemic, there are new realities in the markets. It is the opportunity to apply new management systems, acquire new genetics and use much more technology in all stages of the process to achieve the objectives imposed by the market and the high standards of consumers. It is a reality that there are many more marketing alternatives for blueberries, but also many more challenges.

In summary, in these two years there have been important changes that must be faced, because the blueberry industry has not only had to withstand the global crisis caused by the pandemic, but it has also had to adapt to the great changes that the market has experienced, the new habits and demands of consumers and the high standards that are required of the fruit in size, flavor, texture, bloom and arrival condition, among others.

Clearly, this new BlueMagazine release takes place in a radically different context to all previous scenarios. We are in a paradigm shift scenario, in which it is debated whether it is growth that drives the increase in consumption, or the other way around, and we must hope that it will be the increase in consumption that determines the continuation of the growth of the industry .

new stage

BlueMagazine collects in its pages the impact that the current global pandemic crisis has meant for the world, this is unavoidable, but it mainly highlights the present and future that is envisioned, generous in opportunities for the blueberry market. Because if there is something that the current crisis has left installed as a world paradigm, it is the strategic and essential importance of agricultural activity for human life and health, especially when it comes to a healthy product, such as blueberries.

If to this premise we add the continuous advance of science and technology associated with agricultural activity in all its facets, the impressive development of new plant genetics, the opening of new and better markets, and the uninterrupted growth of the consumption of our fruit. , we have a picture of assured success and guaranteed sustainability for the industry in the future.

International vision

As in all its editions, in the pages of BlueMagazine reality is collected in a comprehensive view, including the variables and projections of the economy, the behavior of the markets, the fluctuations in demand, the reality of consumers, the opinion of the experts, the new trends, the sustainable focus and the analysis of local industries in a global perspective, among other topics addressed.

Above all, BlueMagazine gives us an international and inclusive look, addressing the production of the crop in the different regions of the world, not only in the most important, successful or historical.

Since its creation, BlueMagazine has been a medium that offers a holistic, independent and international view of the blueberry industry, disseminating an unconditional adherence to sustainable development, the mass use of science and technology, focusing on the objective analysis of the supply and demand, and sharing knowledge and information of the best quality for its readers.

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Martin Carrillo O.- Blueberries Consulting

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