A new genetics for the new challenges of the blueberry industry

New technologies, the use of artificial intelligence, reducing the carbon footprint and maintaining the quality of the fruit at the level of the demands that the market currently demands, are some of the challenges that the blueberry sector is gradually facing in a pre-pandemic scenario.

The consumption of products that have a great beneficial contribution to health has been increasing the demand strongly and certain foods such as blueberries have been showing great leadership worldwide. Indices of the global blueberry summary of freshplaza magazine have shown that since before the covid-19 scenario, consumers have opted for this superfruit that provides great health benefits. Demanding quality, good production practices and that imply a lower environmental impact.

These are requirements that both producers and farmers must take into account when offering a product that seeks to be successful in the market. However, as demands advance, technology and innovation also move forward.

Pilar Bañados, R & D manager of Blueberry Hortifrut Genetic Programs and academic of the Department of Fruit Growing and Oenology of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, is one of the specialists dedicated to genetics in blueberries and berry production and who will be present at the 2nd edition of the International Blueberry Month 2021.

His presentation "New genetics for the new blueberry challenges" will open the second day of this online event, which seeks to offer a training space with national and international experts in the field, to producers, exporters and researchers around the globe.

The need for information

Faced with the great challenge that blueberry producers and farmers have today to deliver a quality product to distant markets, the demand of a highly active and demanding consumer is now also being added.

However, agriculture is an industry that managed to overcome the challenges of covid-19, allowing it to penetrate the market with great product offerings and stay updated on the subject of innovations and new technologies. Trainings, talks and even online webinars have allowed producers and farmers to stay active in the news of the blueberry world.

International Blueberry Month 2021

The international event of Blueberries Consulting brings news in its new edition. New faces, new topics and new speakers from South Africa, Morocco, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Germany and the United States, where training will be offered related to genetics and varieties, innovation, commercial talks, postharvest, pollination and analysis of the industries in different countries, among some of the topics.

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Maria Jesus Frascaroli - Blueberries Consulting

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