A productive day in which almost all the songs were touched ...

Of plagues and threats; of traceability and technology; of irrigation, hydroponics, quality and condition of the fruit; of boron, calcium and zinc; of production and markets; of organic and conventional; of covers and substrates; of marketing and values; of challenges and opportunities for the Mexican and Latin American blueberry industry in general, among many other topics, was discussed in the different moments and spaces of the International Blueberries Seminar that is already concluded in Guadalajara.

The lectures of the exhibitors, the spaces to ask questions, the moments of the coffee and the different places where the attendees were found during the two days of the event, were used to talk and interact between participants of the cranberry crop from different realities.

The closure was made by Marion Avril, Manager of Social and Environmental Impact in the agricultural sector of Driscoll's, who made an important presentation on the reality of the labor force in Mexican agriculture and the challenges that the obligation of formalizing the activity in a universe of 5 millions of people participating in the sector, distributed in an 60% of men and an 40% of women, with an average age of 32 years and with low levels of schooling.

The tendency is that labor decreases and becomes feminized, and on the other hand the flow of production will increase exponentially, so the labor issue is a great challenge to be solved in all levels of production in this country.

Attracting migrants is one of the lines to develop, in the perspective of finding solutions to the labor shortage problem that affects Mexico and the entire Latin American region.

The meeting was a success, so the Latin American blueberry industry enters Europe mode, to participate in the XVII International Blueberries Seminar that will be held this June 27 at the Meliá Lebreros hotel in Seville, Spain.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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