UNITEC has always been connected to the needs of the world blueberry industry to significantly improve the process

2022 was undoubtedly a very interesting year for the blueberry world, with the entry into the sector of new players such as Morocco, Mexico and some Eastern European countries, such as Serbia.

Production and consumption of this fruit grow steadily and continuously, but production is undoubtedly higher than consumption.

People do not eat as many blueberries as our planet can offer, despite the fact that they are not only good, but also very rich in beneficial properties for the body.

Because all of this?

It is precisely this challenge that UNITEC has decided to assume: guarantee the constant quality of the fruit through innovation and, in particular, through quality classification systems.

“We believe that with our solutions Blueberry Vision 3 and UNIQ Blueberry for external and internal quality grading, we can help the blueberry industry around the world,” he said. Nour Abdrabbo, Global Sales Director of UNITEC. "Through our solutions, we want to put the industry in a position to excite the final consumer and not disappoint him, always offering him blueberries of a quality that corresponds to his expectations: good and beautiful blueberries, firm, with the correct Brix degree, without exception."

To achieve this goal, therefore, technology UNITEC It can be a valuable ally.

And many steps forward have been taken in this direction. Many are the results and much satisfaction, in fact, of those companies that over the years have relied on the solutions of UNITEC to ensure consistent quality of their blueberries to Chinese consumers.

In fact, in 2013 UNITEC was the first company in the world to offer electronic systems for the quality classification of blueberries and from 2013 to today, it has never stopped and has continued to innovate, offering its Clients more and more innovative technological solutions: first with Blueberry Vision, then with Blueberry Vision 2 and finally coming to Blueberry Vision 3, the latest update of this innovative vision system carried out 100% within the R&D department of UNITEC.

In addition to systems Blueberry Vision dedicated to the external quality classification of blueberries, UNITEC has also designed UNIQ Blueberry, the innovative technological solution for the classification of internal quality, in particular the Brix degree.

A blueberry with the right consistency and a high Brix degree provides the consumer with enormous palate satisfaction. Conversely, consuming a soft, non-sweet blueberry undermines expectations and inevitably generates a negative memory in the consumer's mind that will automatically increase their distrust in subsequent blueberry purchases.

The combined use of Blueberry Vision and UNIQ Blueberry guarantees a constant quality of each supply over time, thus increasing both the brand value of the supplier and the satisfaction of the final consumer.

Another challenge that UNITEC has decided to face minimizing labor costs by designing automatic systems for all phases of the process. Specifically, the blueberry is a fruit that, from the harvest to the moment of the process, requires a lot of labor and even specialized labor. To respond to this need, UNITEC has developed solutions that combine reliable fruit selection with low labor costs.

But the innovation of UNITEC it did not stop there.

And with a strong connection to the market and the firm desire to give a concrete answer also to companies that choose to reduce their collection costs by relying on mechanized harvesting in the field, UNITEC has developed UNI FLY, the vision system capable of sorting blueberries in flight that detects imperfections in the harvested fruits (fruits with branches, green fruits, leaves) before they enter the line. Especially in the US, a market that is highly dependent on mechanized harvesting, UNITEC has successfully introduced this technology and is also promoting it in Europe.

Many innovations, many results then.

UNITEC has always been connected to the needs of the world industry to give concrete answers and significantly improve the process of blueberries and fruit in general. A connection that comes from afar, from almost 100 years of history and knowledge matured in more than 65 countries around the world.

“A connection and a listening”, concludes Nour Abdrabbo, "which we will continue to have, to be at the side of our clients as a technological partner capable of helping them improve their business, present and future."

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