30% growth for blueberry exports from Peru

UNITEC: the ideal partner to win addictive challenges in the global market

2021 is a year marked by great difficulties in the blueberry market, especially in terms of logistics and long distances due to the problems related to the pandemic. For this, UNITEC with its technologies has been a support, guaranteeing the maximum useful life of the products thanks to a careful classification.

As reported by ADEX, the association of exporters of Peru, between January and October 2021, 968 million dollars of blueberries were exported, to the point of becoming the second species, after avocado, as export value generated for the country. Andean.

October, likewise, was a significant month for Peru's blueberry exports, in fact, they were the country's most exported fruit and vegetable product, reaching 291 million dollars, 9,7% compared to the month of the previous year, as This is evidenced by data from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Peru (INEI).

Similar results are recorded for Chile, which observes an increase of 7,6% for the 2021 season compared to the previous year.

At the regional level, not all markets showed the same dynamics of Peruvian and Andean exports in general. On the one hand, the US, the Netherlands and the UK have achieved increasing results. On the other hand, China has bucked the trend, among others, due to problems related to containing the pandemic.

In October, in particular, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom increased imports of blueberries from Peru by 10,6% and 2,8% respectively compared to 2020. China significantly reduced imports by 18,8% compared to same month of 2020, with values ​​equivalent to 13.1 million dollars.

The main market continues to be the United States. North America alone reached a value of 160 million dollars in October.

Precisely the difficulties linked to logistics created real challenges, container after container, for blueberry growers in Peru, especially over long distances. In these areas, UNITEC's quality classification solutions, which allow batches to be standardized even in accordance with the transit times foreseen for deliveries, are of great help. UNITEC is therefore of great help, especially in times of uncertainty for the market. Thanks to UNITEC's equipment and technologies, correctly classifying fruit means correctly allocating the product according to the category and the reference market.

UNITEC has always supported and demonstrated the strong link between the technology for the process and the quality classification of blueberries and the development of the market for this fruit, it is for this reason that it has continued to innovate to provide concrete answers to its Clients and business expansion goals.

If Blueberry Vision 2 was the first technology in the world capable of visualizing 100% of the surface of each blueberry, today Blueberry Vision 3, for external quality classification, is equipped with cameras with even higher resolution, which allow a classification of fruit quality even more efficient, precise and reliable.

Together with Blueberry Vision 3, UNIQ Blueberry, dedicated to internal quality classification, allows Fruit and Vegetable Centers that choose to trust UNITEC to give even more value to their blueberries, giving a concrete response to the growing need to combine what "beautiful" with "good" to offer the final consumer blueberries that are aesthetically beautiful, but also, and above all, good.

UNITEC continues to innovate without ceasing from quality classification to final packaging and makes available to its Clients the experience and know-how matured in almost 100 years of history to provide concrete and increasingly effective responses to emerging demands in the world fruit and vegetable market.

Thanks to its innovations, carried out 100% within the company, UNITEC is at the side of its Clients, supporting them in their export strategies and helping them to maintain high competitiveness in the different international markets to help them win each new challenge. Present and future.

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