USDA: Seasonal Perishable Product Price and Volume Trend Analysis

USA: Peruvian blueberry imports expected to remain stable

Peruvian imports of the 2023 blueberry crop through the Miami, Philadelphia and New York ports of entry are expected to remain about the same. Trading is quite active, but prices are barely stable. Plans 12 1 pint glasses with lids, large 47,00-55,00. The movement is carried out by boat and the quality in general is good. Blueberry movement through Arizona, California and Texas is expected to increase seasonally, trading quite actively at lower prices. Lower prices. 12 6-ounce flat glasses with lids, mostly 28,00 to 30,00. The majority present shipments from previous reservations and/or previous commitments, quality variable.

The movement of 2023 avocado crop crossings from Mexico through Texas is expected to be approximately the same. Operating with 60 and 84 quite slow, others moderate. Prices 40-48 are slightly lower, 60-84 lower. Hass 2-ply cartons 36 mostly 52,25-55,25, 40 mostly 43,25-44,25, 48 mostly 38,25-39,25, 60 mostly 25,25 -27,25, 70 mostly 17,25-18,25 and 84 mostly 15,25-17,25. Extra services included.

The movement of cucumbers from Mexico crossing through Nogales, Arizona is expected to increase seasonally, trade quite active. Prices are 36 seconds higher, others slightly lower. 1 1/9 bushel boxes medium mostly 14,95, large mostly 14,95-16,95, regular quality mostly 12,95 and ordinary quality mostly 7,95-8,95. Cardboard boxes of 24 mostly from 6,95 to 7,95 and 36 mostly from 7,95 to 9,95. Generally good quality. The movement of cucumbers from Mexico through Texas is expected to be approximately the same.

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