XVII International Botrytis Symposium

The Botrytis XVII International Symposium will be organized by the Laboratory of Fruity and Molecular Phytopathology of the Department of Plant Health of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

The Symposium will be held at the Santa Cruz Plaza Hotel (Headquarter Symposium) from the 23 to the 28 October of 2016, in Santa Cruz, a typical city located in the Colchagua Valley, at 180 km (110 miles) south of Santiago .

The symposium, held every three years, offers a very good opportunity to receive updated information on the Botrytis problem and its management in the main crops affected by this pathogen worldwide. The main aspects involved will be: biology, identification, genetics, ecology and epidemiology, post-genomics, interactions of host, cultural pathogens, chemical and biological control and post-harvest management. An overview of the latest results obtained in these aspects of Botrytis will be presented by different teachers.

The Scientific Committee has been constituted by: Odile Carisse (Canada), Isidro G. Collado (Spain), Frances M. Dewey (United Union), Yigal Elad (Israel), Francesco Faretra (Italy), Marc Fermaud (France), Sabine Fillinger (France), Matthias Hahn (Germany), Bernardo Latorre (Chile), Themis Michailides (USA), Gastón Muñoz (Chile), Stefania pollastro (Italy), Ann Powell (USA), Gianfranco Romanazzi ( Italy), Gabriel Scalliet (Switzerland), Bettina Tudzynski (Germany), Paul Tudzynski (Germany), Jan AL Van Kan (The Netherland), Melanie Vivier (South Africa), Anne-Sophie Walker (France), Marcela Esterio (Chile) and Jaime Auger (Chile).

For more information: www.xvii.botrytisymposium.agronomy.uchile.cl

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