XVI International Seminar of Blueberries Mexico 2019

Blueberries Consulting welcomes you to the third seminar of the 2019 Program, which has been designed to meet the technical and commercial challenges in the development of blueberry cultivation in Mexico.

The meetings organized by Blueberries Consulting are an excellent opportunity to bring together the protagonists in the blueberry crop sector. When designing the program, we seek to develop in depth relevant contents for the industry in order to satisfy the concerns of producers, exporters, receivers, consultants, entrepreneurs
agricultural companies that seek to diversify their crops, technical teams of agrochemical companies, packaging companies, among others.

We will share experiences and new knowledge of the production process of this crop, commercial information, varietal choice, plant nutrition, calcium use and its relationship with the firmness of the fruit, foliar fertilization, production of blueberries under cover, control of pests and diseases, incorporation of technology. We also look for the opportunity to share information and design strategies to compete in international markets.

For more information visit: https://blueberriesconsulting.com/seminario-mexico-2019/

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