North Zone of Chile: Blueberry exports end with a growth of 16% and led by new varieties

According to the Crop Report of the Blueberry Committee of Chile, prepared by Iqonsulting, with almost 50% progress of the season and with about 56.200 tons exported until week 1, shipments from Chile remain fairly in line with the campaign previous.

According to the document The northern zone is already finished, with an export fruit count 16% higher than last season, growth led by new varieties. For its part, the downtown area is in the final harvest stage and so far the count of shipments shows a 20% drop from the previous season. On the contrary, from the central south to the south, which continues to provide the highest export volume, shipments have 3% more fruit compared to the previous year, led by varieties such as Duke, Legacy and others that They are being recommended by the Committee for export. Highlights the quality in the southern part of the country, thanks to favorable weather conditions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, although the accumulated totals are higher, the season term has been observed more abruptly in the early and mid-season varieties, as a result of high temperatures and crop concentration.

In relation to organic blueberries, exports to date total 6.131 tons, 40% more than the previous season.

Crop Status

North Zone. The season is over.

Central Zone.The OHiggins Region is in the final stage of its season, with the harvest of late varieties such as Brigthwell, although volumes are very low.

Central-South Zone. In the Maule Region the Legacy harvest is already ending, Brigitta is at the peak of volumes and Brigthwell is just beginning. A similar situation is observed in the Ñuble and BioBio regions.

South ZoneThe Duke harvest is ending in Araucanía, with a more abrupt term this season. The focus is now on Legacy, while Brigitta is just beginning.