Italian Berry Day, the first international event on berries in Italy born from the collaboration

Italian Berry Day, the first international event on berries in Italy born from the collaboration between Macfrut and NCX Drahorad, will take place on September 8th in Rimini. The event develops in different ways: the international conference, the exhibition area, thematic workshops and an exhibition of berries.

The programme

The conference programme opens with a report by GfK Italia on the purchasing behaviour of berries in Italy: this is a research study commissioned specifically for this event and will outline the characteristics of a category that is experiencing strong growth in consumption. The research will present the main indicators of consumer behaviour (Consumer KPIs), the differences between the various geographical areas, the importance of the channels and the best performing categories. 

Italian Berry Day

This will be followed by a section presenting the global picture of the sector; starting with a report by Andrea Pergher (Fall Creek) on the main production and market trends for blueberries (the most important product in the category), we will move on to the main global suppliers for the Italian market: the southern hemisphere will be present with the Chilean Blueberry Committee and the Southern Hemisphere Fruit Exporters Association (SHAFFE); the picture will be completed by Morocco, which has an interesting combination of early season and proximity to the Italian market.

The relationship between Italian retail trade and berries will be analysed by Thomas Drahorad, dealing with the delicate issue of the relationship between costs, margins and prices

In a live interview Giovanni Panzeri (Chief Commercial Officer, Gorillas Italia) will explain the role of berries in quick-commerce, created to offer 10-minute deliveries in Italian metropolitan areas.

The programme continues with a focus on the peculiarities of Italian production where CSO Servizi will present an analysis of the areas of berries in production in the different regions: The trend that can be glimpsed confirms the positive evolution underway in recent years and the areas will increase compared to 2020 in Italy as a whole.

Meet, compare and update

The Mach Foundation will present an in-depth technical analysis of blueberry cultivation, covering production, variety and economic aspects. 

The programme will conclude with technical reports on quality aspects, which will be analysed from two post-harvest aspects (selection and packaging), as well as a case history on raspberry marketing.

In the afternoon, the event will continue with technical workshops covering the most innovative covering techniques to create the most suitable microclimate for growing berries to guaranteeing yields and quality. Also innovative active packaging will be the theme of a focused workshop.

Participants will also be able to see a selection of berries on sale in Milan, in a sort of virtual shopping trip that will take them to 16 supermarkets in the Lombardy capital.

Italian Berry Day

The event is a unique opportunity to meet, compare and update on the main hot topics in the Italian and global berry industry.

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