MegasBlue and Titanium: New varieties presented in Europe by GPS

It is the first two varieties launched by Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nurseries.

The American developer, Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nurseries, of the two new varieties of blueberries with high resistance to cold specified that they have received a positive response from the nurseries, after their official launch in Europe.

MegasBlue and Titanium are being managed by Global Plant Genetics in most parts of the world.

“Having developed these varieties, during the last three years in the US; we are delighted now to market them worldwide, ”said Rupert Hargreaves, director of Global Plant Genetics.

“To start in Europe, GPS has established several test sites, as well as chosen three nurseries, initially: Vivai Molari, Gatti, and Plants365 & Schrijnwerkers. The market has been looking for the addition of new varieties of blueberries with high resistance to cold, but at the same time offering better flavor and yield ”he added.

Jon Horton of Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nurseries added: “Both varieties have had a great response so far in the US; and we are delighted to bring them to the European market with Global Plant Genetics. We also hope to introduce them in other parts of the world shortly. ”

In this regard it is important to note that only a few months ago GPS was touring Latin America to establish agreements for varieties with companies in Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

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