AI: Digital passport for certified blockchain productions

Thanks to a new system, companies will be able to track their entire production process to increase safety and awareness.

Blockchain Certification

Along with certification services, Ccpb offers companies the blockchain technology application as a secure and transparent digital record of your production process.

Companies certified with blockchain technology they will be able to present to the market and consumers a completely mapped production process, from raw materials to marketing, and therefore more transparent - he says Fabrizio Piva , CEO of Ccpb - La product quality goes hand in hand with your production history Both must and can be communicated. 

“Today's consumers want to know more, to be more informed about their purchasing options and therefore also about their lifestyle. Together, blockchain and certification help this awareness »added Piva.

What is blockchain and how does it work

La blockchain records all transactions carried out throughout the entire production chain . A public digital database is thus created, where each user can verify the veracity of the chain of transactions. Ccpb is a partner of Ez Lab, an innovative SME specialized in advanced digital solutions with high technological content. Ez Lab has specific skills and experience in the field of implementing Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts in different market sectors, including agriculture, textiles, viticulture, cosmetics and sustainability.

Why use a blockchain

Certifications and blockchain solutions allow you to create a new relationship of trust between producer and consumer . Thus was born a kind of «Digital passport» capable of increasing the commercial value of the product by strengthening marketing policies, responding clearly and safely to the needs of the market and consumers, who are increasingly attentive and sensitive to sustainable, environmental, ethical and social aspects.

Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis said farmers in the region have shown interest in diversifying their lands. "The next step is to get interested people to talk to each other so that we can get experts and create networks around these different crops."

Sectors of use

Thanks to the transversality of blockchain technology its applications impact various sectors and products. Among the main ones we can indicate: agricultural production, high quality food preparations (in particular organic products), cosmetics and detergents, textiles and sustainability certifications.

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