Comprehensive Fertigation Concepts in blueberry cultivation

The Integral Concepts of Fertigation are the aspects that must be taken into account during the whole process of implementation, management and control of the system, to achieve high rates of productivity, quality and uniformity of the crops, collaborating to make the use of the water and the application of fertilizers by the crop.

If one of these aspects fails, the whole system will fail and the expected final result will not be the best, since they are interrelated with each other, so the failure of one factor will affect the others.

The agronomic design defines what are the aspects with which the fertigation system must be formed so that it fully complies with the water and nutritional requirements of the plant under ideal conditions of efficiency and uniformity, both in the application of water and fertilizers, in such a way that it provides the ideal conditions to the plant that allow it to take full advantage of its productive potential.


The geometric design of the system consists of finding the best distribution of the crop so that the irrigation system can operate efficiently and uniformly, taking into account agronomic factors that affect the development of the crop, such as topography, wind direction, luminosity, management agronomic cultivation, mechanized work, etc.

The hydraulic design consists of the hydraulic calculation of each one of the components of the fertigation system, in such a way that it allows to apply water and soluble fertilizers via fertigation with adequate Uniformity and Efficiency values ​​at a rational cost.

Technical management and monitoring

The technical management of the system implies the application of several principles that provide the best irrigation and nutrition conditions to the plants at reasonable costs, which provide profitability to the producer. It involves aspects of how, when and how much to fertilize, the requirements of the crop, the doses and sources of fertilizers that are recommended to be applied in a systematic, coordinated and controlled way.

The monitoring system consists of the periodic monitoring of the agronomic, chemical and hydraulic variables of the fertigation system by trained personnel, with pre-established formats and using the information collected periodically for the timely making of decisions that directly affect the crop.

Preventive maintenance of the fertigation system involves carrying out preventive actions on each of the system components periodically and based on a maintenance program adjusted to the particular conditions of each system, planned under a schedule and carrying out maintenance tasks. preventive maintenance to ensure proper system operation over time.

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