Traceability control and cargo transit times: The priorities of Asoex

The increase in the price of the dollar and the increase of prices in tariffs in international shipments has left a negative mark in the Chilean export market in recent times. That is why the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile (Asoex) is already considering measures to counteract the current climate.

The president of Asoex, Ronald Brown, said that to get out of the current crisis it is necessary to think about the diversification of markets, while using stronger platforms to promote the national fruit safety system, which goes hand in hand with quality and responsibility with international clients.

On this, Brown affirmed that Asoex elaborated a fold of proposals that were delivered to the Chilean Government, with the purpose of strengthening and developing the national export industry. He mentioned that the document consists of six axes, which will be studied by the corresponding authorities.

"These axes have to do with the basic enabling conditions, the market, productivity, the legislative agenda, sustainable fruit growing with high technological levels and the facilitation of trade," said the entity spokesman.

He affirmed that the Integrated System of Foreign Trade (Sicex) will serve as a single window for information and export processes to be concentrated in a safe and integrated manner. He observed this procedure as positive, which in his opinion will improve the control of traceability and transit times of loads.

In this order of ideas, Brown believes it is important to work together to create new tools or technological platforms to improve the processes related to the transfer of fruit, so that quality standards are not lost.

During an interview with the website, Brown also expressed his views on the responses that national exporters are giving in relation to System Approach practices.

On the subject, he recalled that it is a very important procedure for the export industry because it allows the fruit to reach its final destination with a higher quality.

He assured that national producers have adhered to these processes correctly. Brown said that during the 2017-2018 season there was a volume higher than the 2,7 million tons of fresh fruit in all of Chile, numbers that he insisted will continue to grow. He spoke of cranberries and cherries, fruits that set records in their respective exports

"Last season, our cherries marked a milestone in exports, with more 186.000 tons shipped, especially to China; like the blueberries, which achieved more than 110 tons exported, "said the president of Asoex.

Maritime World, 2018

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