The impact and supply of new genetics will be the main topic at the Berries & Cherries meeting on April 11 in Monticello

The Chilean blueberry industry, which is located in the south, maintains a high adaptive capacity, mainly due to its greater proportion of supply of new varieties, which are renewing and strengthening the supply.

The rebound of the Chilean blueberry industry; the success of the industry Cherry; the great performance of the new varieties in the face of the climate threat; the wide and varied genetic offer for the agro-fruit industry and other topics linked to the food industry. blueberry and cherry in Chile will be the main topics that will be addressed in the XXX International Seminar Berries & Cherries which will take place this April 11 at the Monticello Convention Center.

Blueberry, good season

As a framework, the Chilean blueberry industry ends its 2023/2024 season with volumes of shipments to international markets that are around 87.000 tons, almost exactly the same as last season, and well above the initial projections that expected a drop to 76.300 tons.

The downward projections by the blueberry industry were due to the persistent rains and low temperatures that the crops endured last spring in Chile.

In terms of markets, there was mobility in destinations, since, according to the industry report, decreases were observed in shipments to the United States and Asia, and yet there were increases in exports to Europe and the United Kingdom, which according to organizations linked to the industry, reflects new commercial approaches of exporters in the face of the changes observed in supply, mainly due to the shortage of fruit due to the delay of Peru and Chile, affected by the El Niño phenomenon.

Genetics versus Climate

In Chile, it was found that there were regions that were not mainly affected by El Niño, such as the central-south and southern regions of Chile, so the Chilean blueberry industry, which is located in the south, maintains a high adaptive capacity, mainly due to its highest proportion of supply of new varieties, which are renewing and strengthening the offer. Something similar to what happened in the southern regions of Peru, also a product of new genetics.

The cherry, unstoppable

The Chilean cherry season is over and the results are positive. "In general we can say that this was a good season, because on the one hand, there was a good reception of our cherries by consumers, which allowed the fruit to rotate well, despite the fact that in the first part exports showed a decrease in volumes due to spring rains,” commented Claudia Soler, executive director of the Chilean Fruit Cherry Committee, who will speak on these topics at the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar this April 11.

Regarding exported volumes, the executive indicates that “to date we have sent 413.979 tons to different markets around the world, a figure very similar to last season. However, it is important to highlight that with regard to our shipments to China (including HK), our main destination, exports show a new record, with shipments 3,3% higher than the previous season, amounting to 377 thousand tons. , he indicated.

The XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar has an extensive program, in which the highest representatives of both industries and the best specialists in both crops will participate, as well as expert analysts who will address commercial opportunities for Chilean producers and exporters in different markets. .

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