In China: Great demand for Chilean blueberries before the Chinese New Year

Importers highlight the good quality of the fruit

In the weeks before the Chinese New Year, China's fruit market is full and there is a lot of product imported from different countries. "From the 11 August Until September, we import Peruvian blueberries, of good quality and, therefore, at good prices. Afterwards, we opened the season of Chilean blueberries, the first batch arrived in China on December 16“Says a blueberry specialist.

“This year, there were hail storms in Chile, which caused some damage in some blueberry producing areas, but not all; Therefore, the overall quality is still very good. The production is basically the same as last year, and due to high market demand, the price is also increasing. ”

Chile is very popular for its cherries today, although its blueberries are also entering the market. “The demand for Chilean blueberries is very high and we are trying to offer enough. We have noted that the greatest demand occurs before the Chinese New Year, during which our imports will peak. However, we expect there to be fluctuations in demand later. In April of this year, the local blueberries of China will be added, again increasing the demand for this fruit ”.

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