Eucofel starts a new campaign to promote European fruits and vegetables

The association, which groups together the interests of European fruit and vegetable producers, has announced the start of a campaign to promote fruit and vegetables called "CuTE-4You", which will feature in a video with the support of the Spanish singers Blas Cantó (Eurovision ).

In this campaign, carried out with European funds, Spanish organizations will participate such as the Citrus Management Committee, Afrucat, Freshuelva, Cooperativas Agro-alimentary de Granada / Esparrago Verde, + Broccoli, Artichoke from Spain, Proexport, Asociafruit, Afruex, Apoexpa, Fedefruta and Fepex.

Eucofel seeks with this promotion, which Also joined by the German singer Natalie Horler and the Belgian Kate Ryan, "Generate a social movement in favor of the consumption of European fruits and vegetables" and "pay tribute to the essential role of producers and marketers during the pandemic"

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