Fruit growers have two insurance to protect their crops against various risks

Both instruments with state subsidy of Agroseguros:

Fruit growers have two insurance to protect their crops against various risks

The first one is the Agricultural Insurance where it ensures the production against climatic risks and, the second, the Fire Insurance with Additional that protects the plantations and systems of irrigation and conduction against earthquakes, alluvions, fires, among others.

(Santiago, 2 of July 2019): The Ministry of Agriculture, through Agroseguros, has at the disposal of farmers across the country two insurance with state subsidy co-payment of the premium or cost of insurance, so that they can protect their investment against various climatic risks, events of nature and fires: the Agricultural Insurance for Fruit trees against climatic risks and the Insurance of Fire with Additional for Fruit trees, which can be contracted directly in the insurance companies that offer them, such as HDI Seguros, Mapfre Seguros and Renta Nacional.

The executive director of Agroseguros, Ricardo Prado, said that "as a Ministry of Agriculture, we are very interested in increasing the use of these financial instruments in medium and small growers at the country level. Therefore, we call on farmers in general to subscribe to these insurances so that if they are faced with a critical event they can protect their working capital and above all continue to develop their agricultural activity over time, "he said.

El Agricultural insurance for fruit trees against climatic risks allows to insure against risks such as frost, hail, rain, wind and snow, depending on each species and you can insure grapes, raspberries, blueberries, pome fruits (pears and apples), walnuts, kiwis and olives. Meanwhile, the Fire Insurance with Additional that protects the investment in major and minor fruit trees (plant, fruits, as well as irrigation system and driving associated with production) covers the damage caused by earthquake, volcanic eruption, alluvium, fire, among others, being able to be hired for major and minor fruit trees throughout Chile .

"As of this season, state support is from UF 120 for Rut and for species. The idea is to support a large number of fruit growers, so we invite you to know these insurances with subsidy through your usual Insurance Broker or request information at Fedefruta, Codesser, BancoEstado, Banco Santander, Banco de Chile, BCI and INDAP, etc. For more information, fruit growers can consult our website", Prado said.


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