La Libertad concentrates more national production of blueberries, avocado and asparagus

Pech Manager confirms achievements and successes in agricultural export investments

The La Libertad region concentrates and leads the national production of avocado, blueberries and asparagus, according to a report by «Fresh Fruit Peru», an agency specialized in commercial intelligence for agro-export, said lawyer Carlos Matos Izquierdo, manager of the Special Project CHAVIMOCHIC (PECH) .

«This agency reports that our region leads the avocado production, with 42% of the national amount; blueberries, with an 75%; and asparagus, with an 42%, ratifying the influence on the result of these figures by the development and agricultural investments in the Special Project CHAVIMOCHIC ”, added the manager of the irrigation of Liberia.

The main agro-export companies, which conquer the world's markets with their agro-industrial products, are in the La Libertad region, in the valleys of Chao, Virú and Moche. "The investments of the State and private companies in the agro-industry of Liberia allow us to show these economic results that place our region at the top of national agro-exportation," said Matos Izquierdo.

According to «Fresh Fruit Peru», our country is on its way to becoming one of the 20 main food suppliers in the world and, in this way, the north coast has an important and fundamental role. "This will result in, for the benefit of our region, more investments, more jobs, more development and greater economic dynamism," the CHAVIMOCHIC manager explained.


La Libertad, Lambayeque and Piura concentrate 55% of the production of the five main export crops: grape, avocado, cranberry, asparagus and mango.

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