International Blueberries Seminars: Morocco, September 2020

The International Seminar to be held in Morocco, in September of 2020, is generating many expectations. The interest of knowing a different reality for Latin American producers is aroused, and very important for the different players in the blueberry industry, since Morocco is seen as a strategic actor in the map of the blueberry export industry.

As the size and scope of the blueberry crop map in the world has been extended, the distances in turn have shortened. Currently, a Chilean, Peruvian or Mexican producer values ​​the experience of knowing or acquiring knowledge from other very different actors because he has learned that both are part of the same world market and depend on the taste or preferences of the consumers themselves, and because time has shown that knowing the experience and reality of other competitors, however distant or different they may be, enriches their own practices and deepens knowledge and information regarding cultivation in different production conditions, which collaborates directly to the development of own or local activity. 

This is the case of visiting Morocco, an emerging industry with only a decade of experience, which is very unique in its climate and soil conditions, and which supplies a total of 30 receiving countries, including 16 countries of the European Union, the Gulf countries, Australia, North Africa and Latin America. 

Morocco maintains a vigorous and growing industry, which has caused problems for other actors in the fresh fruit industry, such as Spain, with whom it shares a large part of the commercial windows. This prominence in the main markets is linked to geographical proximity to Europe; its good availability of water resources; its favorable climatic conditions; abundant skilled labor; production control techniques; production subsidiaries of some European companies in Morocco; and the existence of state incentives for investment. 

It will be very interesting to visit a young and vigorous industry, with very favorable strategic conditions due to its location on the world map of the economy. Also know in the field the keys to its development and the different types of management in a climate and soil unknown to most of the actors in the American and world fruit industry. 

The September International Seminar in Morocco will also allow us to learn about new technologies applied to face different cultivation scenarios, but which can be perfectly applicable to our local realities, especially in a situation of water scarcity and prolonged climate change like the one we live in. 

We are part of a global industry, with almost non-existent geographical boundaries, possessing universal knowledge regarding the crop that is enriched with these meetings, with almost standardized protocols for product quality and condition and, above all, common consumer suppliers, for this and much more, we met in Morocco in September 2020.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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