Chile culminates blueberry season with a successful campaign

"The reasons that explain the greater volume of Chile are the slight increase in the planted area, the replacement of orchards for more productive varieties, and the entry into force of the Systems Approach"

Positive figures in the Chilean market

With an increase in the volumes stipulated with respect to initial expectations, the blueberry season of the Chilean industry culminates. According to him Harvest and Export Report 2021 corresponding to week 12, emanated by Chilean Blueberry Committee, The 117 tons exported during week 11 marks the end of the 2020-21 blueberry season from Chile.

The Chilean campaign marked a new export record, with 118.225 tons dispatched to week 11, presenting an increase of 8,2% compared to the previous year and 6% more compared to the initially estimated of 111.500 tons.

Among the reasons that explain the greater volume of Chile is the slight increase in the planted area, the replacement of orchards for more productive varieties, and the entry into force of the Systems Approach for the Ñuble and Biobío regions, which allowed the Producers divert fruit from the frozen industry to export.

More reasons

The report explains that the beginning of the season was marked by higher export volumes from the Coquimbo and Valparaíso regions, which also concentrated their shipments on organic blueberries. This increase is due more than anything to an increase in acreage, varietal change and higher production technologies.

Meanwhile, the northern and central areas benefited from greater water availability during the winter, which gave a respite to producers who were affected by the drought in 2019-20, and the southern area benefited from the weather, without heavy rains in the late portion of the season.

From lowest to highest

By way of evaluation, the report ensures that the fruit presented a good filling and size. However, maturation was observed in line with a normal year and accumulated exports presented lower volumes than the previous year for all of December and part of January, this also influenced by the lack of growers in that period. Only from the second half of January onwards the trend in shipments took a turn, with a record export week that exceeded 14.900 tons (week 3) and from then on the trend of weekly shipments remained above last season . Thus, in this late period (which includes weeks 3 to 11), 43.509 tons have been dispatched, 39% more than in 2019/20 for the same period, the document explains.


The foregoing benefited shipments of fresh organic blueberries from these regions and, in sum, total exports in this category reached an export record with 20.871 tons, presenting an increase of 34% compared to the previous year and an 18% share of the total exported, he points out.

Regarding destination markets, North America maintained the leadership with a 55% share and a 14% increase in shipments this season, Europe with a 34% share and an 11% growth and the Far East With a 10% share and a 27% drop, the report ends, closing the 2020-2021 blueberry season in Chile.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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