Chile, the country with the most fresh fruit exported to China in 2016

The national shipments were 24 percent of the total of these foods imported by the Asian giant and displaced Thailand from the leadership. Exports grew by 22 percent, with outstanding products such as cherries, blueberries or plums.

Chile last year became the country that exported more fresh fruit to China, with total shipments of 1.210 million dollars (equivalent to 776 thousand 712 million pesos), the Chilean embassy said in a statement on Tuesday.

Exports of Chilean fruit to the Asian giant last year grew by 22 percent, with outstanding products such as cherries, blueberries and plums.

Chilean shipments represented about 24 percent of the total fresh fruit imported last year by the Chinese, and Chile displaced Thailand from the top of the list, disclosed by the China Customs Information Center.

Currently, the national fruits that have authorization to enter this market are blueberries, cherries, plums, kiwi, avocado, apple and table grapes, and during State visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the nectarine export protocol was signed, which will begin this year.

According to the Chilean ambassador in China, Jorge Heine, the outlook for fresh fruit shipments is "positive" because of "the growing demand from Chinese consumers", so that for the 2017-2018 season the total value is expected of the export of nectarines reach the 55 million dollars (about 35 thousand 305 million pesos).

Heine highlighted in the statement the "enormous opportunities" that exist in the Asian nation, mainly due to the accelerated increase of the middle class, which demands first-rate food products.

According to data from a foreign trade report prepared by the national Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they point out that 2016 China remained Chile's first trading partner.

In total there was a commercial exchange worth 31 thousand 217 million dollars (more 20 billions of pesos), a 0,9 percent more than in 2015 and the eastern country was the first destination of Chilean exports, with a total value of 17 thousand 068 million dollars (10,9 billions of pesos), the 4,5 percent more than the previous year.