The 5th season of Better with Blueberries begins in Argentina

For the fifth consecutive year, the Argentine Blueberry Committee - ABC carries out the Better with Blueberry campaign, an initiative that has a very clear objective: to promote healthy eating by installing blueberry consumption as a fresh, healthy and easy-to-eat fruit option.

What is the Better with Blueberries campaign?

Since its inception in the country, more than 20 years ago, the blueberry sector in Argentina has destined 95% of the fresh blueberry production for export.

With the purpose of accompanying the Internal Market and promoting the consumption of fruit in the place where it is produced, the Argentine Blueberry Committee designed the Better With Blueberry campaign five years ago.

Al respecto, Jorge Pazos, productor y directivo del ABC y responsable de la comisión de Mercado Interno cuenta que “nuestros objetivos fueron claros desde el comienzo: que las fruterías argentinas cuenten con suficiente oferta de arándanos para que el público de nuestro país pudiera satisfacer su demanda”. Además, “pensamos la campaña con el firme compromiso de fomentar la alimentación saludable, sobre todo formando una nueva cultura de alimentación sana en las nuevas generaciones, por eso entre nuestras acciones incluimos programas en escuelas, para preescolar y nivel inicial, y las acciones de McA están diseñadas para mostrar opciones con arándanos para la hora de los snacks y meriendas, por ejemplo”, explica.

2020 was the fourth consecutive year of this campaign in Argentina. That edition was distinguished by two concrete achievements:

1) a high level of impact on social networks where interaction with users / consumers included lives, postings with recipes and giveaways, and conversations by Zoom. This, in turn, had two direct consequences: the duplication of followers in the institutional accounts of the ABC and the consolidation of the relationship with our allies and allies who were more than 50 references in health, gastronomy, and sports.

2) an increase in domestic consumption that amounts to about 3 million kilos per year. Due to the success it is having, each year the campaign grows and adds allies throughout the country.

In 2021, the objective is to make healthy consumption even more visible and the key role that fruits from Argentina play on the road to healthy eating.

Cranberry Week 2021

From October 18 to 24, the Better with Blueberries campaign celebrates Blueberry Week, with a series of actions that seek to emphasize communication on healthy eating based on blueberries.

For this, the Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC) has the best allies and specialists who, through social networks and the media, will help us spread reliable and innovative information on how to consume blueberries and what their properties and benefits are. .

During those days, there will also be promotions and special offers in greengrocers and supermarkets. It is an ideal time to buy blueberries to consume fresh and also to freeze them.

Some of the actions that will take place that week are:

• Live on the Instagram of @mejorconarandanos with raffles at the end

The true value of the blueberry is told by specialists and professionals. A professional per day will talk about the importance of this fruit in our diet:

  • A pediatrician will talk to us about how to incorporate cranberry into the diet of the little ones and the family in general.
  • A sports nutritionist will teach us how to incorporate them into the sports diet.
  • A nutrition graduate will answer questions.
  • A gynecologist will talk about the benefits of cranberry for urinary infections and for our health in general.
  • Different chefs will present easy recipes to include blueberries in savory dishes, sweets, desserts, snacks.
  • Participation in the Cocineros Argentinos Public TV program: a producer will be live on the floor to tell about the production process of Argentine blueberries.
  • Wed 20-10: Event at the Central Market of Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of the cook Laura Di Cola.
  • Tastings
  • Official launch of the new Better With Blueberries website:, with content on the properties of the fruit, recipes, medical and nutritional information, production data and much more.
  • Presentation of the Educational Kit: it is an e-book for preschool, designed as an educational resource with a proposal of activities and videos for schools in Argentina. Also this week we will renew our commitment to the Fruteá Tu Escuela program.
  • In Entre Ríos: promotion of the new website in the media / raffles on radios and social networks for fresh blueberries and special gifts / sending press kits to the media promoting the consumption of blueberries / special publications with nutritional info and media lines.
  • In Tucumán: a campaign will be carried out in different media: in networks, daily publications on Facebook and Instagram (APRATUC), on the benefits of blueberries. Draws on radios and TV and live presence on cooking shows. Tastings at events, such as the Congress of Psychology. Delivery of kits to influencers in the province, inviting them to taste and add the blueberry to recipes. A gastronomic event will be held, in agreement with the local hotel and gastronomy union.

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