The Technical Tour that is being carried out prior to the Guadalajara meeting has become of a high level

After a visit to the Fall Creek laboratories and nurseries in Tala, the delegation toured producer fields in the town of Cuisillos, where a 47-hectare project of the Sekoya Pop™ variety is being implemented and will continue with a visit to the city. Guzmán, to see the behavior of different varieties in the Hortifrut fields in Mexico.

The Technical Tour organized by Blueberries Consultingas a pre-event activity XXVI International Blueberry Seminar what will be done this May 31 and June 01 in the Hard Rock Hotel, and in which some of the specialists and speakers who will present at the meeting participate, it is becoming an inexhaustible source of new knowledge and information regarding various aspects of blueberry cultivation in the local reality.

Visit to Fall Creek Nursery

The day began on Monday with a visit to the extensive facilities that since 2005 Fall creek kept in Tala and which is one of the main international company hatcheries in the world.

Photography Blueberries Consulting

Photography Blueberries Consulting

After a chat from the manager Ricardo Márquez, in which he not only referred to the activities and plans of the company and the plant breeding process in all aspects, both scientific and commercial, but also extended to explain the general context of the Mexican reality in production of blueberries and their projections, both at the level of higher volumes, as well as the increase in planted area, detailing the areas of this growth and its climatic, soil, water and human resources characteristics, among other factors.

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international information

The specialists participating in the visit were able to ask many questions, both Ricardo Márquez as well as the other engineers who received the delegation, often developing comparative tables with their own realities, since the Technical Tour delegation is made up of producers, businessmen and researchers from Morocco, Peru, Spain and Chile, so that the conversation reached a high level of information for all those present, since by Fall creek A large part of its managerial staff from Mexico participated, in addition to those in charge of the company in China.

From in vitro onwards

Then the delegation was invited to visit the laboratories, where the breeding process begins after in vitro fertilization and in which a dozen specialists transfer each nascent plant to special substrates.

The tour continued with the entrance to several of the gigantic nurseries, which have the capacity to produce 10 million plants, in which the different varieties remain for a 26-week cycle, where they receive multiple care treatments in their growth process, which include nutrition variables, pruning and sanitary prevention before being sent already strengthened to producers in different parts of the world.

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Visit to the fields

After this interesting visit to the facilities of Fall Creek in Tala, the tour moved to producer fields, in the town of Cuisillos, near Tala, where a 47-hectare project of the Sekoya Pop™ variety is being implemented.

Photography Blueberries Consulting

In the conversation with the responsible technicians, headed by engineer Carlos Lara, it was possible to verify in the field the behavior and benefits of this new variety, which Fall Creek engineers previously showed its breeding process in the laboratory and nurseries.

Photography Blueberries Consulting

The Technical Tour will continue on Tuesday and will travel to Ciudad Guzmán, south of Guadalajara, to visit different varieties of blueberries in the fields that Hortifrut maintains in the area.

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El XXVI International Blueberry Seminar To be held this May 31 and June 1 in Guadalajara, it will be the occasion to analyze the reality of this industry and address in the meeting program the most important aspects that Mexico must face to continue on its path of growth and leadership.

Blueberries Consulting invites you to participate in the most important blueberry event in Mexico, in the Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara The main industry players in the country will meet, an event in which there will be new networking activities to interact with attendees and sponsors.

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