G-Berries and Dole: Agreement reached to develop the Mexican market

G-Berries and Dole plc announce that they have reached an agreement for a long-term collaboration focused on the Mexican market. G-Berries Srl is born in January 2021. The company Molari Società Agricola SS will continue its activity as a nursery for the propagation and sale of berry plants, with many varietal innovations for raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. With the recent agreement with EMCOCAL for a package of 7 varieties and selections from the University of Arkansas.

The new G-Berries company is fully dedicated to varietal breeding, applied research, strategy and management. It is a completely independent company, with a dedicated investment plan and great ambition for the future.

Luca Molari, Managing Partner at G-Berries says, “We can define our research and breeding model in two simple and complex words: contemporary and personalized. We firmly believe that today, increasingly, it is essential to go in the direction of personalized breeding, which meets the needs of each individual producer.In a world that changes at the speed of light, through targeted and personalized collaborations, we are ready to think about the varietal needs of 2025 and 2030, different needs for each individual company «.

The first partnership goes exactly in this direction: G-Berries and Dole plc announce, in fact, that they have reached an agreement for a long-term collaboration focused on the Mexican market. After months of negotiations and planning, Luca and Matteo Molari, along with Oscar Vargas, R&D Manager, and Luis Guillermo de la Torre, General Manager of Mexico, are proud to launch this promising and exciting collaboration.

Dole Diversified (part of the new giant Dole plc), will test in Mexico, with a fast and exclusive channel, all the new genetics from the variety improvement program managed by G-Berries and it will be the close collaboration, the annual events that will be organized and weekly feedback, which will define the characteristics to be looked for in the new selections.

A new selection of G-Berries for Mexico

Luca Molari adds: “It's certainly an incredible starting point for a startup like G-Berries. The approach is simple: one-to-one strategies to select what berry-producing companies really need, in terms of fruit quality, plant characteristics and final consumer preference.
Mexico is the first market where we will officially launch this new way of working, as we consider it an incredibly strategic market. We could not have started with a better partner, considering that Dole plc is now really targeting the berry segment. '

Finally, the Dole plc team adds: “We are the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world and soft fruits represent a great opportunity and one of the main focuses in our growth strategies. Through our supply chain we are able to meet the needs of our customers in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia throughout the year. Consumers' tastes and preferences continue to evolve, so we firmly believe that future berry growth comes first and foremost from varietal improvement and, therefore, from collaboration with breeders. at the level of G-Berries is a priority to continue growing in the segment. The first two advanced teams arrived in Mexico a few weeks ago and we are looking forward to seeing them work in the field, ”concludes the Dole plc team.

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