Grapes surpass blueberries and are the most exported fruit in Peru during November

Exports for the eleventh month decreased by 7% compared to last year. However, during the period from January to November 2021, the total volume of exports increased by 9.6%.

In the agricultural sector, fresh grapes are the ones that obtain first place as the most exported product during November 2021, reaching 218 million dollars. It is followed by the blueberry with 165 million dollars sent abroad, all according to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Peru (INEI).

It is the two previous fruits plus the sale of mangoes, mainly to the US and the Netherlands, which boosted the growth of the agricultural sector, which increased by 12.5% ​​in November.

The advance of grapes in sales abroad is explained by the decrease in the production of blueberries, which by November 2021 was declining given the end of the season.

Despite this, Peruvian blueberries increased their exports by 8.4% compared to November 2021-2020, reaching 165,3 million dollars in 2021. During January-November 2021, shipments of the berry abroad increased by 21.8%.

The main market for blueberries continues to be the United States, where during the eleventh month 90 million dollars were exported, an increase of 14.4%. It is followed by the Netherlands with 40 million sent, growing by 2.2%; China with exports for 4.6 million dollars, decreasing by 51.6%; and the United Kingdom, with sales of 3.1 million dollars, decreasing the month's exports by 12.9%.

The total volume of products exported by Peru during November decreased by 7%, although the nominal value increased by 12.2% given higher prices in crude oil, natural gas and chemicals.

China was the main destination for Peruvian exports with a 34.6% market share, followed by the United States (13.1%) and South Korea (5.4%).

Despite being in second place, during November exports to the US increased by 21.7%, which is explained by the shipment of larger shipments of traditional products such as oil and copper, and non-traditional products such as blueberries, grapes fresh and cotton polo shirts.

Non-traditional products increased by 22.4%, with the main products exported in the agricultural sector being fresh grapes, blueberries and asparagus.

Catalina Pérez R.- Blueberries Consulting

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