Morocco: Inauguration of an Agri-Food Innovation Center

The Minister presided over the inauguration of the Meknes Agri-Food Innovation Center “CENAM Innovation”. He visited the analysis and research laboratories and the incubator and began construction work on the center's technology room.

At a cost of DH 28 million, the missions of this center are training, skills development and support for project leaders, incubation of start-ups, innovation and support for agribusinesses.

The establishment of this center is part of the new strategy "Green Generation 2020-2030" for the development of the agricultural sector that provides, at the level of its second base, a further development of the agricultural sectors based on achievements, particularly in terms of integration the upstream and downstream sectors and improve the valuation and marketing conditions of agricultural and agri-food products. Therefore, it encourages innovation in the agricultural sector and the improvement of the quality of production, as well as the multiplication of investment in research and development.

Three collaboration agreements have been signed to guarantee the operation of this center. It is a framework agreement for research and development in the agri-food sector, signed between AGRINOVA and INRA. The second agreement, signed between AGRINOVA and Morocco Foodex, aims to unite and collaborate actions to contribute to the success of the Green Generation strategy and promote the competitiveness and growth of Moroccan agri-food companies, particularly those in the Fès-Meknes region , through the improvement of the quality and the improvement of the value of agricultural products. The third agreement, signed between AGRINOVA and ONCA, aims to define the general framework of collaboration to ensure the management and operation of the Support Unit dependent on the center.

As a reminder, the association Agripole Innovation Meknès «AGRINOVA» is an agricultural competitiveness cluster created as an association within the framework of a public-private association that brings together agro-industrial companies, interprofessional organizations from different sectors, research training institutions. and public authorities, with a view to developing innovative collaborative research and development projects in the Fès-Meknes region.

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