Mastronardi Produce joins the Sekoya blueberry club

The company says it plans an “aggressive” expansion of its supply base in North and South America as retail demand for premium blueberries continues to grow.

The North American company Mastronardi Produce has joined sekoya, a leading provider of varieties blueberry premium.

Mastronardi, major supplier of greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables, said it had an "aggressive" five-year plan for blueberries, which it plans to grow in United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile and other parts of the world.

“Mastronardi Produce is delighted to offer this superior product to our members, who will instantly recognize the value of our Sekoya membership,” he commented. Paul Mastronardi, president and CEO of Mastronardi Produce. “This partnership will significantly strengthen the domestic blueberry category for both growers and retailers.”

Paul Mastronardi President / CEO Mastronardi Produce

Sekoya offers growers around the world access to a select portfolio of high-quality blueberries originating from breeding and research programs owned by US company Fall Creek.

Since their launch, those varieties have been well received by consumers and retailers thanks to what the company describes as exceptional firmness, sweet flavor, jumbo size and long shelf life.

According to Sekoya, retailers appreciate the consistently high quality of the berries and order them by name.

“We are proud to announce Mastronardi as a new member of Sekoya,” said Mark David, group general manager for North America. “Mastronardi brings experience to Sekoya through its premium concept and brands that will add value in the market.

Mark David General Manager, Sekoya North America

Each member of sekoya “He brings a unique set of skills, perspective and dedication, all of which have been instrumental in driving our progress to date.”

Mastronardi Produce has developed its own reputation as an innovative player in the North American berry market and continues to invest in fruit genetics and varietal development.

“I am confident that Mastronardi will help move our shared projects and initiatives forward,” David added. “Initially, Sekoya started with 15 members and now we are back to 15 members. “We believe that with this highly professional group of independent producers and marketers we are close to our optimum of supplying all of our major consumer markets globally through direct sales.”

As a member of Sekoya, Mastronardi Produce has permission to grow and market a range of premium blueberries under its own berry brands, Sunset y BerryWorld.

“By delivering the same incredible quality every day of the year, we will see higher levels of consumer confidence, less waste and happier customers,” said Paul Mastronardi. “We will leverage our strong producer network to support rapid expansion.”

Retailers can get their first look at Sekoya blueberry samples at this week's Southern Exposure trade show in Tampa, Florida.

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