Peru was the main supplier of blueberries to the United States during 2021

The United States received shipments of blueberries from different countries for 310,097 tons valued in U.S. $ 1,904 millones throughout all of 2021. This represents a 14% increase in volume y 22% in value compared to 2020.

Peru was the main supplier of this fruit to the North American country with a 34% stake (3% more than the previous year). Peruvian blueberry shipments to the US market reached 105,100 tons worth $659 million.

These figures represent a 25% growth in volume y 20% in value compared to 2020. According to the Fresh Fruit portal, this progress was due to the fact that the American cultivation of this fruit did not reach pre-pandemic levels and was unable to supply market demand.

The second country with the largest number of shipments was Canada, with a 26% share (2% less than in 2020), followed by Mexico, with a 21% market share (3% less than the previous year).

Blueberry price in the United States

During 2021, the North American market managed an average price of US $ 5.39 per kilogram of blueberries, which represents an increase of 7% compared to 2020.

The cranberry Mexican was the best quoted, with a value of US$ 8.11 per kilogram (15%+). In second place was the Peruvian, with an average price of US$ 6.27 per kilogram (5% -). Finally, the top 3 completed it Canada, with the value of for US$1.89 per kilogram (13%+).

It should be noted that the Peruvian companies with the highest export levels of this fruit were Hortifrut Peru SAC., with 18% participation, and Camposol SA, with 17%.

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