Peru and its path to become the largest exporter of blueberries

The blueberry season of Peru is almost finished and with an export volume close to the 78 million kilos, a figure very similar to what was projected, while the goals of the industry is to consolidate the sector as the largest exporter of that crop to the 2021.

Although it can be considered that Peru has blueberry production all year round, the 80% of the volume is concentrated between the months of August and November - considered as the peak of the season.

PortalFrutí spoke with Roberto Vargas, president of ProArandanos Peru who commented that “the volumes were very close to what was initially estimated, we had projected 75 million kilos and they were 78 million kilos, which is one of the advantages that Peru has, as to have a very long window that allows clients to be able to make extensive programs, to be able to foresee the next offer and to plan adequately ”.

"If you add to that the majority of the blueberry is shipped by sea, that orders the market even more for the Peruvian season," Vargas said.

He also stressed that compared to the previous season there has been a greater volume, but that a large amount has not been concentrated in a specific week.

"Although Peru is growing a lot, we are still far from reaching the 10.000 - 12.000 tons per week," said the ProArandanos representative.

Meanwhile, Peru's goal is to become the first exporter of blueberries and even the country has the potential to achieve it.

Álvaro Espinoza, blueberry manager Peru said that the country has about 8.000 hectares installed of these berries and that between the 50 and 60% of that area are in production.

"The blueberry should be a complement to the rest of the crops that Peru handles," said Espinoza.

On the other hand, the opening of new markets is one of the points that the industry hopes to develop to achieve a greater presence in the international market.

Roberto Vargas, president of ProArándanos indicated that they hope to obtain access to Taiwan and India for this 2019 and that they are working to achieve in the medium term the opening to Japan and South Korea.

He also indicated that the United States continues to be the main destination and that some of the best fruit is being worked on. In addition, Peruvian blueberries already have access to China two years ago.


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