Silvoagropecuario sector falls in Bío Bío: authorities point to cranberries and cherries to pick up

An fall registered the bio-agricultural sector of Bío Bío in October of this year. The authorities are attentive to the harvest of blueberries and cherries, to see the projection of the item.

According to the report issued by the National Statistics Institute (INE), that month there was a decrease in 23% in exports In general in the area.

In total, this movement during that month was 451 million dollars, a figure that fell and was explained by the contraction of four of the five sectors.

The seremi of Agriculture in Bío Bío, Francisco Lagos, said that he is expectant in the progress of this matter, considering the season of cherries and blueberries harvest.

Most of the hectares of this last product are planted in the province of Bío Bío.

Lagos also reiterated the reduction announced from China, contemplating a unilateral decrease in tariffs for 859 products, which should begin to apply from January 1, 2020, for the areas of agriculture, forestry and paperwork, among others.

In this way, there are some Chilean goods that already have a preferential access to this market.

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