World Blueberry Tour establishes the city of Trujillo as a permanent annual destination

La Libertad generates more than half of the Peruvian production, and if we associate it with its neighbors Lambayeque and Áncash, they represent 80% of the total blueberry exports from Peru.

For years the Blueberry World Tour has been scheduling its meetings in the main blueberry exporting countries, bringing new knowledge regarding the crop, the latest genetic offer, state-of-the-art technology for the different areas of the production process and all the relevant information of interest to each country, especially for agricultural producers and entrepreneurs.

An exceptional region

The case of Trujillo is an exception, since we know that Peru has become a legitimate leader in world blueberry exports, but it is the region of La Libertad that generates more than half of the Peruvian production, and if we associate it to its neighbors Lambayeque and Áncash, represent 80% of the total exports from Peru, which is why the Blueberry World Tour has set the city of Trujillo to convene the international blueberry industry as an annual destination.

The region is the center of Peru's agro-export activity and owner of a landscape of thousands of coastal hectares, producing among the sand, fighting against water scarcity and precarious transport connectivity, but with a tremendous drive from Peruvian producers and professionals that they have won over adversity, to obtain a quality fruit recognized throughout the world.

challenge and opportunity

For some time it has been predicted that Trujillo will be one of the cities in the world that in 2030 will run out of water, so radical measures have been taken in this regard. To combat this danger, the Third Stage of the Chavimochic Project (PECH) is carried out, which includes the Palo Redondo dam, which once completed will be able to store more than 400.000 cubic meters of water.

The Chavimochic III project, according to specialists, will allow the implementation of 30 new hectares of crops on the coast of La Libertad and will generate approximately 150 potential jobs. In the agro-industrial sphere, export earnings of USD1.200 million a year and the investment of USD1.000 million in private investments for the development of new lands are expected.

On the other hand, the Third Stage of PECH will supply an additional 30 million m3 per year of drinking water for the province of Trujillo and districts. With the water supply for Trujillo in the coming decades, it will be possible to incorporate 27.000 hectares for new agro-export crops, benefiting 120 new jobs, so clearly, by overcoming this challenge, thousands of opportunities are opened for the expansion of crops and the implementation of new projects.

unbeatable peru

According to Proarándanos, for the fourth consecutive campaign, Peru has established itself as the main exporter of fresh blueberries in the world, with shipments of over 280 tons exported to a universe of 31 countries, produced on nearly 18.500 hectares and fruit from 65 varieties of blueberries.

Exactly, in the 2022-23 campaign, which ended in week 17, Peru registered shipments of fresh blueberries for a total of 286.209 tons, which translates into 28% growth compared to last season.


Always with information from Proarándanos, the main market continues to be the US, with a 53% share. More than 153 tons were exported to this destination, 24% more than last season. It was followed by Europe (without considering the United Kingdom), with a 27% share, a destination that managed to obtain a growth of 39% after reaching nearly 75 thousand tons. In third place, China was located, with 13%, registering almost 37 thousand tons, with a growth of 38%. Shipments to the United Kingdom represented 5% of the total exported, with a volume of more than 14 thousand tons (+9%).


La Libertad maintained first place, contributing 52% of the total exported with more than 151 thousand tons. In this way the region grew by 26%. This was followed by Lambayeque, with a 24% share and a volume of 67 thousand tons (+44%). The rest of the producing regions were Ica (9%), Ancash (6%), Lima (6%), Piura (2%) and Moquegua (1%).


During the 2022-23 campaign, 76 exporting companies were registered, of which 10 accounted for 71% of the total exported. Likewise, each company exported to 5 countries on average, standing out a company that exported to a total of 24 different destinations.

The figures are evident and support the invitation that the World Blueberry Tour makes to the international industry, by summoning the XXVII International Blueberry Seminar to be held on July 12 and 13 in the halls of the Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Trujillo Golf.

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